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1-to-1 language lessons provide social interaction, custom lesson plans, and lots more.

With remote learning still being the new normal, we regularly hear from families who continue to struggle with the new classroom format.

Especially when it comes to language learning, the need for social interaction, cultural connection and communication is essential for success. So how can students get the support they need to thrive in their language studies while learning in isolation?

In this free guide, we’ll answer all of your questions, such as:

  • How does LanguageBird improve student performance?
  • How does LanguageBird provide the necessary social interaction?
  • How does LanguageBird help students connect to the material?
  • What does LanguageBird offer that my current school does not?
  • And more!

Are you tired of “getting through it?” Are you ready to start thinking beyond the current semester? Download this FREE guide and learn how LanguageBird can help!

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World Language Course Offerings Like No Other.

Most world language courses involve little verbal communication and lots of memorizing. LanguageBird is about creating relationships, not logging into software. LanguageBird knows the most effective way to retain a language is through speaking the language and interacting in a live spontaneous environment. A private instructor coaching you is exactly what you need to learn quickly, effectively and on your schedule.