LanguageBird bridges people across the world together.

When social distancing is required and interaction is limited, LanguageBird bridges people across the world together. During this time, we are fully online, and are conducting classes as usual without any interruption. We have open enrollment for our one to one lessons and courses for credit, and we are here to help any students who wish to continue their learning while schools are closed or with modified schedules..

LanguageBird also will provide a place for all students to learn and we are therefore now opening up several resources to ALL students, anywhere.

Language Resource Library

Our curated resource library, a compilation of the best online language learning resources in the world will now be accessible to ALL from our website.

Language Learning Blogs

With tips and tricks for learning languages as well as cultural articles are shared with our community can be accessed on our website.

Chirp Room™ Chat Rooms

Provides an opportunity for students to gather in a chat room live to practice speaking a target language with other students and a LanguageBird instructor as a moderator. It’s a social opportunity in a world now that is isolating. Schools can partner with LanguageBird or groups of students, friends and/or families of all ages to form an online group for enrichment or just for fun!

“Bird Bites”

5-minute videos starring our expert instructors breaking down into “bites” the most common and most challenging concepts in their language and sharing culture.

The Nest”

A new series of 30-minute talk shows to explore the language and culture of LanguageBird teachers around the globe.

We will be continually adding to these resources.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming Winter Culture Camp.

Contact Us To Learn More

If you need help or have any questions, please give us a call. We want to help you find a the best solution to your language learning needs. We will coach you through the process, provide referrals, and more.

Call LanguageBird at 844-700-2473 if you have additional questions.