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What's the Chirping About?

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Mercedes M.

LanguageBird Teacher

“It’s not only about teaching the content and the curriculum but also to get a personal connection with the student. When you relate, you can get them learning better than when you have a class of 30 and you barely know the names of students and keep distance so they don’t know anything about you. Getting to know the student when you teach online is important because you need to get connection on another level to engage them more.”


Delaney M.

Grade 7, LanguageBird Student

“I LOVE that I get to experience Spanish from a teacher who lives in Spain. I love to hear the stories she shares about her life in and love to hear how the weather is there compared to here. It makes Spanish come to life! I would highly recommend LanguageBird to any student or parent.”


Polina Edmunds

American Olympic Figure Skater

“I needed to take a Spanish 3 course that would allow me to still travel for my skating competitions. As an elite level figure skater, LanguageBird allowed me to stay flexible in my schedule and learn Spanish 3 effectively. LanguageBird was awesome in helping me take the course and do well, and my instructor Gaby was amazing in helping me get through the course.”


Lesa Weber

Dr. Lesa Weber, Counselor, Weber College Advising. Member of IECA, HECA, WACAC and NACAC

“LanguageBird is one of the tricks I share with the families I work with in my college counseling practice. Students who take a foreign language throughout high school have increased odds of getting accepted to top universities and increased opportunities for scholarships. My clients who dropped foreign language because it was too hard, too easy, they were too busy or their school didn’t offer it can take LanguageBird courses on their own time at their own pace. It shows colleges you are committed to seeing your studies through, you don’t quit and you value learning and have a global consciousness. LanguageBird’s one-to-one personalized approach and flexible schedule allows my students to continue their language studies throughout high school or make up courses they didn’t do well in earlier in high school. It’s a great learning resource for my students.”


Mary P.

LanguageBird Student

“LanguageBird has provided me with opportunities that many other places did not. It allowed me the chance to learn a language in the comfort of my own home, with learning options that fit to my preferred schedule. The teacher I was assigned was one of my favorite teachers I’ve ever been able to work with!”


Owen B.

LanguageBird Student

“I had a wonderful experience with LanguageBird, my teacher was very friendly and helpful. The classes were always accommodating and easy to keep up with. My teacher Mercedes, was fun and easy to work with. My language program at school felt like a waste of time and wasn’t very useful, with LanguageBird I was satisfied completely, and felt like I was actually learning! Thanks again!”


Bailey S.

LanguageBird Student

“My experience in the course was intensive and immersive, and I learned a lot. I was challenged to step outside my comfort zone, and my teacher Mercedes did a great job of creating an environment in which I felt safe to take risks. The texts for the course involved short stories, poetry, a film, and nonfiction pieces. Because I have a background in poetry, my teacher and I could gear the curriculum toward poetry in Spanish, which was a great way for me to experience the language.”

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