Frequently Asked Questions

Trial Lessons

*Trial lessons do not apply to high school courses.

How much is the trial lesson?
$14. This helps us to avoid no shows out of respect to the teachers.

How long is the trial lesson?
25 minutes

How do I sign up for the trial lesson?
Call us at 844-700-BIRD. One of our friendly staff will then be in touch (assuming you haven’t spoken already) to learn about your Spanish goals, ensure the lesson is tailored for you, and schedule your time.

Must I create an account to learn with LanguageBird® ?

What do I need to prepare for the trial lesson?
Nothing. Just log into Skype 5-10 minutes ahead of time and your teacher will connect with you. Just enjoy it!

Pace of Lessons

How many lessons per week is best?
If it were the good old days of being in school, you would do 5 lessons per week and progress rapidly. However, even 2-3 times per week will give you steady progress.


Do I need to take a test before my first lesson?
No. Our teacher will understand your level from the trial lesson and adjust accordingly.

What if I’m an absolute beginner?
No problem. Many of our students have never studied Spanish before. ALL levels are welcome.

What does the curriculum look like?
That depends on your needs/desires. That’s the beauty of one-on-one lessons. Grammarphobic? No problem. Want lots of structure? Done. Want vocab. for specific situations? You got it.

Is the class only in Spanish?
This depends on your level. Immersion is the goal. Teachers are encouraged to strive for 90-100% Spanish during class. However, sometimes it will be helpful to use English for a quick translation or explanation and that’s acceptable. As you improve, English will become less and less necessary.

What will I be taught?
Lessons are tailored for your needs. There are some general guidelines as well.

Beginner lessons tend to be more structured – this will help you develop a strong foundation.

Advanced students may benefit from less structured classes.

If you have specific goals like traveling, dating etc., your teacher will practice those specific situations with you.

Do I need any materials for the class?
Not necessarily. No texts are required, however, teachers may recommend a book or two to help you out. The high school course follows a textbook curriculum. Please see Spanish for High School Credit.

For the high school curriculum, please see Spanish for High School Credit.


How do I meet my teacher online?
Skype – a free, glorious program where you can video chat with your teacher face-to-face.

I’m really not tech savvy though…
Worry not! Many of our students aren’t. Skype takes fewer than 5 minutes to set up and we can walk you through it. Just give us a call at  1-844-700-BIRD.

What hardware do I need?
A computer, headphones, and a microphone. (Many computers have built-in microphones these days. If not, you can use the headset from your cell phone or pick up a headset at any big electronics store for $10-$40.)

You can also use the camera built into your camera or an attached web cam, which is very easy to set up. Usually you just plug it into your USB port and are ready to go. Use of a camera is not mandatory.

Windows or Mac computer.

A DSL, Cable or Fiber-Optic Internet connection.

What software do I need?
Skype. Download here for free.


What are the backgrounds of the teachers?
All of our teachers are native Spanish-speakers that live in Central or South America. Each undergoes a rigorous interview process and is well qualified. These are not just native speakers who call themselves teachers – they are experienced, real teachers.

What if I want to change my teacher?
Sorry to hear that! If there are any issues, we look forward to hearing your feedback and will be happy to assist. Just email us.

Do the teachers speak English?

Do I always practice with the same teacher?
Generally yes. If you need to have a class at a specific time that is already taken, then you may be able to switch to another teacher. High school students meet with and schedule their entire course with the same instructor.


Are there hidden fees?
Generally not. Supplementary texts may be recommended but are not required.

How can I pay?
By credit card, over the phone or via Paypal.

Is my credit card information safe?
Absolutely. Once your information is put in the system, it remains invisible to us forever – thank goodness. Paypal takes care of it for us. Not familiar with Paypal? It’s the #1 way to conduct transactions in the United States and they serve over 100 million users – well established, well protected.


How do I book my lessons?
You’ll set up the trial with a LanguageBird® administrator here in the U.S. Afterwards, you’re free to schedule with your teacher.

How long are the classes?
50 minutes.

For what times can I schedule classes?
Most times. We try to be flexible to meet your scheduling needs.

Can I cancel a scheduled class?
Yes – with at least 24 hours notice. Classes cancelled with fewer than 24 hours notice will not be refunded or rescheduled.

What if I am late for a class?
Classes start and end punctually. Your teacher may have time and be willing to extend the lesson a bit, but this is the exception rather than the rule. For students enrolled in the high school courses, they will need to pay for additional courses as needed.