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Amy C.

LanguageBird ASL Instructor

Hello from Maryland! I am so excited to be working with you and helping you expand the knowledge of our beautiful language, American Sign Language! I have been teaching for the past 16 years and I am an avid traveler-leisurely and for work! I provide consultations on IEPs and IFSPs for families and school districts nationwide! In addition to holding a supervision and administrator certificate, I also provide counselling services. My husband and I have two older children; our daughter is an emergency room nurse and an emergency medical technician and our son is a Computer Science major at the University of Maryland. We are cat lovers and we have two of our very own-Skye is our blue eyed Siamese and Tiger is our independent/rebel tabby! I am very flexible and I’m here to work with you to make sure you are learning not only the vocabulary, but also the grammatical aspects of the language. I look forward to helping you fall even more in love with American Sign Language! 

“Video Transcript”
Hi! My name is Amy Crumrine. My sign name is what? C-Crumrine (by mouth) why? People say I tend to smile often. ‘Crumrine‘ by mouth-related to my last name that starts with a “C” and my smile-it’s related. This is my 16th year teaching ASL-I’ve taught deaf and hard of hearing kids all over the nation and I’ve provided consultations in different areas. I’ve flown to many various places to visit school districts for meetings related to IEPs and IFSPs and how to work with families, school districts, and students themselves. At my high school, I set up the ASL program-I teach ASL 1, 2 and 3 plus I have the ASL Club and the ASL Honor Society. Before, I taught at the college level too and now I’m focusing on the high school level. My hope is that you will consider joining the ASL program-very exciting! Did you know that ASL is the 3rd largest foreign language used around the United States? Spanish first, French second, now ASL 3rd. Very exciting! I look forward to working with you! Bye! 

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