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Arisha R.

LanguageBird Assistant Dir. Educational Programs/Services

Hello, my name is Arisha (sounds like Ar-ee-sha) and I am the Assistant Director of Educational Programs and Services at LanguageBird! Prior to joining the team, I taught English as a Second Language for six years to students of all ages in Spain and South Korea.

I first discovered my love for world languages in high school, when I took my first Spanish class. I loved it so much, that I received a minor in Spanish from Florida State University. At the time, I thought my experience learning foreign languages was complete. However, that all changed one day when I happened to watch a Korean drama. I was immediately hooked and fell in love with the culture, language and people of South Korea. And so, my love of foreign languages continues. I’m not sure what my next language will be, but French is starting to sound really interesting!

Now that I am on the administrative side of education, I look forward to supporting LanguageBird by advocating for both teachers and students, while also developing resources to benefit both the educator and the learner. Learning languages can be a monumental task, but also such a rewarding one. The moment you string your first sentence together in your new language is so exciting! I hope to be a great help to all of you during your journey at LanguageBird!

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