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Charlotte H.

LanguageBird ASL Instructor

From a young age, I knew I wanted to learn a signed language, but I had no idea learning a signed language would bring me the experiences and opportunities it has. I have had the opportunity to teach sign in a variety of settings including at the high school and college levels. I have also used sign in early education settings, as a service support provider working with the DeafBlind population, and with children with disabilities- giving someone access to language and culture has changed my life.

I attended Cal State Northridge and later transferred to the University of Arizona where I had one Deaf roommate and one CODA roommate. I graduated from University of Arizona with a BS degree and went on to complete a graduate course at Gallaudet University. I am currently a graduate student at Loma Linda University where I have used ASL in our on-campus auditory habilitation clinic.

I am excited and humbled to introduce my students to ASL and Deaf culture!

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