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Coline D.

LanguageBird French Instructor

My name is Coline. I’m a native French speaker, born and raised in Troyes, a little city
in the North-east of France. I just finished my master’s degree in Latin-American Literature,
but I also studied French Literature during my bachelor’s degree in Modern Language. Apart
of my studies, I had my first experience of teaching French in different schools in Spain. I
really enjoyed it, that’s why I renewed the experience in different schools of Buenos Aires,
where I’m living at the moment.

These experiences allowed me to master the Spanish language and learn about
different cultures. The cultural contrast allowed me to understand my own culture better and
taught me how to share it.

My different experiences in class or in particular classes permitted me to develop
several ways to teach, focusing on the particularities of the students. I’m really looking
forward to sharing the French language with you and I’m pretty sure it’ll be a great
experience for the two of us!

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