Eddie L.

LanguageBird Mandarin Teacher

Eddie Liu 刘老师

I originally come from Taiwan. I was lucky to be able to travel, live and study in various countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Europe as well as 2 years in Australia for my master’s degree in TESOL.

Currently, I am living in Los Angeles, USA where I have been teaching Mandarin Chinese as a school teacher since 2015. I love learning about cultural studies and teaching Chinese Culture embedded with the Chinese language.

The cultural diversity in my life allows me to understand and experience people from all over the world and therefore, I consider myself as a bilingual teacher who is always dynamic and flexible. I’m hoping to share my expertise in learning Mandarin with you. Most importantly, you will enjoy speaking Mandarin fluently and have fun in this learning journey.

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