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Geneviève F.

LanguageBird French Instructor

As a French native speaker, I grew up in a multi-lingual family circle where I quickly learned to express myself in English. Born and raised in Quebec, Canada, I started to travel at a very young age. Some of my best moments were spent traveling Canada east to west, seeing 36 states of America, visiting France, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico. I also lived one year in the land of OZ where I had the opportunity to teach on radio waves, being in the very remote desert of South Australia.

Now living in Belize, Central America, for 5 years, and having worked in Mexico in different Mayan communities of Campeche as well as resorts in the Yucatan Peninsula, I furthered my knowledge of Spanish which I really enjoy to speak on a daily basis. French and Spanish have a lot of similarities so for those of you that know some Spanish, it could possibly help you during classes!

More recently, I’ve been teaching tour guides to learn French. One of my main focus here in Belize is to develop the language portfolio to benefit our tourism industry, as well as my tour operator’s business which caters to the French ecotourists. It will be my pleasure to share my passion for the French language and accompany you in the learning process!
À bientôt!

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