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Hailey C.

LanguageBird Korean Instructor

Hello everyone! My name is Hailey! I am a researcher and instructor who wants to help you learn Korean in fun and engaging ways. I am a native speaker of Korean and have worked as a secretary, editor, translator, interpreter, and teaching assistant in Korea and Canada. I am currently living in Victoria, the capital city of the beautiful British Columbia in Canada! And I have lived in various cities in Asia, including Seoul (my hometown), Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai before I moved to Victoria. I received a Ph.D. in linguistics for my research on Korean sentence structure, investigating how functional elements interact with each other to make sentences with different meanings. Did you know that Korean speakers have to make a decision every time they speak whether to use a polite form of speech? Learning Korean invites you to experience new points of perspectives and cultures. It will be my pleasure to boost your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. I cannot wait to share my knowledge of Korean with you and talk about Korean people, culture, literature, and history in the lessons!

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