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Hyemin Y.

LanguageBird Korean Instructor

안녕하세요! I’m Hyemin from Seoul, South Korea. I’m a professional teacher with over five years of experience instructing hundreds of students across Physical Education, Special Education and Korean language. I’m also an interpreter for athletes and representatives from countries around the world for international sporting events like the Olympics. Learning a language is more than just memorizing words. It’s about learning a new culture and expanding your world. I would love to join you on your language journey and show you how beautiful Korean language and culture can be. In my class, we can cover topics like K-drama, K-pop, food, news, history and culture. Outside of teaching, I like swimming, jiu jitsu, plants, and cooking Korean food. I can teach you how to cook some great Korean dishes. I also enjoy art, so we can talk about paintings, music, and fine arts. Learning Korean with me will be an adventure!

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