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Jade T.

LanguageBird ASL Instructor

My name is Jade. I’m Deaf since birth, my primary language always will be American Sign Language. I grow up in valley area near Los Angeles. I attend to public school with D/HH program; D/HH program provides ASL interpreter in my classes, since teacher do not know ASL. I attended California State University Northridge to receive Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. I have been teaching ASL formally since 2016 and did private tutor most of my life. Currently working on my Masters in Sign Language Education under Gallaudet University. I have meet international Deaf people from Mexico, Israel, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Canada, and hopefully more in future. My goal is go to other countries, look at Deaf children’s education system, and figure it out how to push for better education for Deaf children out there.

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