Jindan W.

LanguageBird Mandarin Teacher

I am originally from Zhejiang, China, and now I have been living in the USA for

around two years. I love studying and teaching language and culture, so I studied

Chinese language and literature for my bachelor and master degrees. In addition,

to broaden my perspective of culture, I also went to Belgium for one year to learn

Western Literature. During my time there, I travelled to more than 10 European

countries to explore diverse culture. Recently, I graduated from a teacher

licensure program to prepare myself better as a professional educator.

As a Mandarin teacher, I am fun, patient and easy going. I am looking forward to

sharing my passion for Chinese language and culture with you at Language Bird.

With our common effort, you will not only speak Mandarin fluently, but you will

also become an expert in Chinese culture.

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