Jong Hsin H.

LanguageBird Mandarin Instructor

My name is Jong Hsin H. I have been teaching Chinese in Tzu Chi Academy , Irvine, California USA every Sunday morning since I moved from Taiwan, a Mandarin speaking and traditional Chinese culture heritage.

As being an English and Chinese teacher before and now, I am much interested in teaching Chinese to students to share my whole life knowledge of Chinese culture, literature, history and philosophy.

I have been trained to be a teacher and journalist in National Taiwan Normal University, (Taiwan) as well as teaching Chinese as a second language in Mandarin Training Center and accumulated years of experience in handling Chinese reading, speaking and writing ability. I also attained my master degree of Art in Journalism from Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan.

It’s nice to be with you to explore the Chinese language , history, culture and philosophy. This will be a good chance to open a window to know the old Eastern country over 3,000 years old. Once you can handle with the Chinese language/written words, you have got the passport to enjoy visiting it.

I am here to accompany you-the explorer to lay better foundation in learning Mandarin Chinese with my entire life Chinese background. Welcome to Chinese world.

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