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Jose S.

LanguageBird Spanish Instructor

Hello! I am from Mexico, a proud Spanish teacher in the last 14 years… My expertise area is Spanish; grammar, syntax, spelling and literature. I love Spanish literature, but also, American, for example Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, and so on. I am psychologist educational and it’s related with language. Through mental process up to understanding text book or literature master piece that’s language. Every piece of language tells us something about the people, connecting us and most important, realizing us of our own life. So even when I am all Literature and language, I am not only that; I have passion for cultures around the world. I live in Tamaulipas state, just across the border with Texas, so I grew up with both cultures; American and Mexican every day. As a teacher, I use new technologies for my every day teaching. I make my classes with video editions done by myself. I think you aren’t going to learn only language; you are also going to learn about culture! 

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