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Karina P.

LanguageBird Hebrew Instructor

Hello, I am a certificated teacher from Bar Ilan University, and a licensed social worker from Israel, I also have a BA in criminology. I am enthusiastic about teaching online lessons. I find that online tutoring works amazingly well, and is extremely convenient for people with busy schedules.
I love foreign languages and speak English,Hebrew, Russian ,German and French.
I was born in Russia, and came to Israel when I was a small girl. I lived in Israel for 30 years and moved to the US this year.I’m completely fluent in both Hebrew and Russian. My goal is to help all of my students reach their maximum potential in an engaging, fun and relaxed atmosphere.
I provided tutoring in various subjects to immigrant students at University, I did private tutoring to all ages in Hebrew, English, and Russian, and taught computing and English at an elementary school in Israel.

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