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Kawla S.

LanguageBird French Instructor

I am an enthusiastic French instructor besides my studies in linguistics,  occupied many positions in international organizations as a coach, mentor, teacher, coordinator. working in both French and English. I speak fluently English, French, And German. and despite being a native speaker I also studied French as a subject itself including linguistics, writings, pronunciation, literature for more than 16 years now. Besides, I studied all the other subjects like math sciences in French so I believe I have a great exposure to the language and culture. My teaching experience starting at a very young age as the eldest sister explaining lessons to my siblings. then volunteering with organizations, clubs, cultural events,.. until I decide 5 years ago that I would like to take this to a more up-to-date and professional level. then, I started as an online tutor using internet platforms and freelancing and meanwhile taking courses and training to keep up with the latest methods and technologies. later on, I joined online schools and companies as a French and, other languages, instructor. before being a teacher, I am also a language learner as I went through the journey several times so I know how it could feel to learn a foreign completely new language. So as an instructor, I am always trying to use an immersive and interactive method allowing my students to feel part of making the lessons and to practice the language from the very first day. 

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