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Laurie Z.

LanguageBird French Instructor

My name is Laurie Zimber. I was born and raised in France.
In college, I met my husband who was an American foreign exchange student.
After completion of my associates degree in English at the Université de Franche Comté, I moved to New York where we lived for two years.
This time was critical for further learning the English language and for becoming fluent. I also studied Graphic Design at M.C.C community college.
In 2001, We moved to San Diego where I discovered my passion for mid century architecture and design. I started researching, studying, buying and selling furniture and art from that Era.
In 2004 to 2006 I made three containers of French and European 20th century furniture and accessories and moved to the Los Angeles area, which has been a great market for my business.
We now have 2 children who are fluent in French and English and who are bi-cultural. When we are not traveling overseas, our family loves to go on camping adventures.
In 2017 I returned to college in order to acquire a BA in French and Francophone studies and a single subject teaching credential.

I have been teaching French as a second language for 4 years domestically, and I am currently an Intermediate Spanish student. Therefore, I completely understand the learning process, as well as the frustrations and rewards associated with foreign language acquisition.
My interests include Visual-Art, Mid-Century design, music (including Reggae, Hip Hop, Hard-Core and Rock), Skateboarding , Netflix documentaries, gardening, making things, discovering new places with my children and meeting passionate people. Did I mention food?
I love teaching my native language and sharing my culture almost as much as I enjoy connecting with people and learning new things.I look forward to meeting my new students online.

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