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Nihao(hello), my name is Linghua Ding. I am from Guangzhou China. I love Chinese, and I love teaching. My undergraduate degree is Chinese Language and Literature Education. I am currently an MA student of Multilingual Education, World Languages at University of Northern Colorado. I began teaching Chinese as a second language online since I moved to the US. The levels of the Chinese courses I have taught include entry, intermediate, and advanced. Course content involves general language teaching, reading, writing, literature, and Chinese culture with an age range of students from 6 to 56 years old. Before I taught in a Chinese university, I was an editor, reporter and culture program director in major news organizations where I received more than 20 awards. Later, I got a Master’s Degree in Communication and became an Associate Professor in China where I was able to teach with international students in my class. Between my time as a reporter and an Associate Professor, I published news works and papers that contained over a million words. I was also a visiting scholar at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2017 and studied Culture Psychology for a year. Stimulating students’ curiosity and ambition to engage them in the class is a magic weapon of mine. When I strived to be the best reporter, I had mastered the ability to attract the audience to follow me. After I became a teacher, I succeeded in translating it into a teaching skill. This teaching style is very respectful to students. Instead of imparting knowledge, I open a door to the world that students want to adventure through. I designed a lot of interactive and competitive activities and we have a lot of fun in the class. Keeping a balance between practicality, creativity, and fun is the principle I have come to hold at the highest value in my life, thus I really enjoy the time with my students. So, let’s study Chinese. Let’s decode the mystery of Chinese people’s words and behavior. Let me explore the beauty of this old language with you. Come on!

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