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Margarita B.

LanguageBird Russian Instructor

My name is Margarita. I am from Republic of Moldova. My native languages are Moldavian, Romanian and Russian, because of the big influences and relationships between these countries.
Since I was at school, I knew that I wanted to travel, study different sciences and discover the beauty of the world. I didn’t have a financial situation that could help me make my dreams come true, but I knew that life gave me a lot of motivation and belief. At school I learned french, but I felt it was not enough. I started a self – teaching program for English language and at the same time I was watching lots of movies in Spanish. My motivation was limitless. After I graduated from university, I applied for the master degree in Romania. There, thanks to my knowledge of English and Russian, I was selected for an Student – Exchange program that allowed me to choose a country for 1 full-paid year of studies. Like that I had graduated 2 masters at same time, one in Romania and another in Portugal (in portuguese). My love for traveling and the possibilities I’ve got, made me visit almost every country I wished to. Also, thanks to the diversity of languages, I had my best 5 years of living and working in Thailand, on one of the most beautiful islands from Siam’s Gulf. For the last 2 years I have been living in Paris and am planning to be here for a while.
I am a positive, flexible, easy going teacher who respects his student’s motivations and goals and I do my best to make his studies enjoyable and achieve great results.

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