Masami R.

LanguageBird Japanese Instructor

My name is Masami Rivera Rios. I was born and grew up in Okinawa,Japan. I am a native Japanese speaker. I earned my master of Okinawan literature from Okinawa International University in 2010. Before moving to the United States, I worked as a Japanese teacher in Okinawa for 3 months at a public junior high school, and for 3 and a half years at a public high school. In April, 2014, I moved to Arizona from Japan. From August,2014 to May,2020 I taught Japanese at high schools in Arizona. I am currently living in Hawaii. ALOHA!!!

As a Japanese instructor, I’ve always tried to give understandable and related real life lessons for the students. In my lessons, I have utilized authentic materials, practical application of knowledge, and creative and engaging activities to challenge students and further their learning. I like watching anime,Japanese TV, dramas and cooking. I am a passionate, kind and patient instructor.I always try to offer my students understanding and a space where they could be themselves, while providing top quality Japanese instruction.
I am looking forward to meeting you and learning Japanese together!!!!

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