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Maurice A.

LanguageBird ASL Instructor

Hello! My name is Maurice Abenchuchan Jr and this is my sign name (Mjr). I was born Deaf, my grandparents on both sides are Deaf, and my parents are Deaf. This makes me a 3rd generation Deaf individual. I have a large family of both Deaf and hearing but they all use ASL. ASL is our native language! Growing up, ASL is what I used to communicate, both at home and out in the community. Now I look forward to teaching ASL to others! Learning a new language like ASL is an amazing opportunity for you to build a bridge between the hearing world and the Deaf world. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people and get to know Deaf better people by using ASL to communicate. You’ll also learn about Deaf culture! My ASL class will be fun! But communication is a two-way street in which you’ll be actively participating. You’ll have my support and encouragement regardless if you make mistakes or feel embarrassed. What’s important is that you learn from this great opportunity! I look forward to seeing you in class!

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