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Michael K.

LanguageBird German Instructor

Hello, “Ich bin ein Berliner”. In my case, this means that I am born in Berlin; however, the same saying is often used to express an open and tolerant mindset appropriate for somebody that grew up in a cosmopolitan and multicultural city like Berlin. In the typical german manner, my family wanted to set me up with a safe and secure future. As a result, I became a licensed German toolmaker finishing my traditional apprenticeship with Siemens, a world-renowned company. However, my curiosity lead me to travel and live all over Europe. I enjoyed the many cultures and languages, and I enjoyed this lifestyle that I was exposed to. Later on, I met my future American wife, emigrated to the United States, and became an American citizen. After moving from Massachusetts to New Mexico, we homeschooled our daughter for the last semester of high school. I joined college to ease my daughter into college life, which was for her a new environment. What I planned as a short stint into college life became a life-changing obsession for me. My first academic achievements in America were two Associate degrees and a business certificate, but it did not end there. I finished my undergraduate studies with a Bachelor degree in Sociology and another in foreign languages, focusing on German literature. My minor degrees are in Political Theory, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. I graduated with my Master degree in Sociology from the University of New Mexico and work now on my PhD in Sociology. During these years, I discovered my passion for teaching and how much I enjoy working with students. I was active as a senator in the student government of New Mexico University. I tutored first-generation students, helping them to adjust to college life. I especially tutored and taught in the language department, assisting the students in connecting to the German language. My highest priority is the success of my students. It doesn’t matter if the student’s goal is to vacation in Germany and to communicate with new friends in their native language or to be able to speak with German business partners. Maybe the dream is to read one of the many German authors in their native language or prepare for college by fulfilling language requirements and passing necessary exams. I am here to help to achieve these goals. I can describe myself as a friendly, enthusiastic and respectful teacher. My teaching style is interactive and practice-oriented. Whatever the students need and the goal is, my role as an educator is to help reach the students highest potential.

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