Michael W.

LanguageBird German Instructor

I am from Germany and I was lucky to be able to travel to many different countries in Europe (e.g., Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria) as well as in the Americas (e.g., the United States, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic). Whereas I got my degrees from Münster University in Germany, I spent two years studying in the U.S.; one year during my undergraduate studies (in Wisconsin) and one year as a graduate student (in Indiana). All these adventures allowed me to experience cultural diversity and meet very interesting people from all kinds of places. Currently, I reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with my wife, whom I met during my first visit to the U.S.

I am a professional and dynamic teacher, flexible, patient and easygoing. I see my role as a teacher as that of a mentor and guide (not as a lecturer). My classes are fun, engaging, and prepare you to speak German in an authentic setting. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for the German language and culture with you. Learning a new language is a beautiful thing; having fun while learning is therefore on the top of my list.

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