Muyi W.

LanguageBird Chinese Instructor

I hail from the Northwestern part of China, with it’s own foods and culture and characteristics. I was fortunate enough to travel to other parts of China though, while attending college in the Province of Anhui, and later on to Cambodia and eventually here in the United States. From traveling around is where I better learned the ways and methods in which different people live and survive. This also happens to be where I found myself wanting to share the language and culture of China with people who are interested in other walks of life.

I firmly believe this is what helps me to understand students’ various needs and concerns while learning Chinese. I am professional in my approach, and always willing to accept feedback from students on what they like or dislike about the way I teach and tutor. I sincerely hope that people will enjoy learning the Chinese language and culture as much as I enjoy learning about their own cultures and values from them.

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