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Nadia R.

LanguageBird French/Spanish Instructor

I am an experienced language instructor with a native accent. I have taught foreign languages for the last ten years. I completed a bachelor’s degree at Smith College where I studied French literature and philosophy as well as romance languages. I also studied foreign language acquisition- how do we actually learn languages and how can we learn a language effectively. I spent one year studying abroad in Geneva, Switzerland. After graduating from Smith College, I did postgraduate research at a French university in Paris for two years. Then, I worked in Paris as an interpreter and translator for four years. During that time, I also worked in a corporate setting as a language instructor and language learning consultant. I was responsible for teaching and coaching the company’s upper-management staff as well as teaching their children, mostly adolescents and young adults. After having spent a total of 7 years in French-speaking European countries, I returned to Puerto Rico where I taught French language courses at the university. I look forward to working with you and accompanying you on your journey! 

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