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Nouf A.

LanguageBird Arabic Instructor

Marhaban! My name is Nouf and I am a native Arabic speaker from Saudi Arabia. I am an Arabic professor and TESOL graduate student, with three years of higher education teaching experience in both languages. I love writing and have published two young adults books in Arabic. I am passionate about storytelling, music, charity projects, Arabic & the kind way of teaching. One of my favorite things is handwritten cards. I enjoy talking to people and getting to know them and their stories. Currently I am in Washington state where I have lived for the past few years. I have huge passion for Arabic and teaching it makes me happy. Throughout the years I have helped friends learn Arabic, but through my degree and university teaching experience I gained a deeper understanding of the language. I believe it is important to listen to students, which made me more capable of adapting to students’ needs. I value the effort and investment that students put into learning a language, which drives me to always work on delivering the best teaching possible. I always learn from students and I care about them very much. I think language teaching should be interesting, fun, & most importantly coming from a place of love. I am looking forward to sharing my passion for the beautiful Arabic with you.



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