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Ping Y.

LanguageBird Mandarin Instructor

Hello! I am from China and I have quite a lot of experience teaching Mandarin in a variety of different venues. I have taught large classes and one-to-one classes through the years in my teaching career both in China and in America. Trained as a professional teacher, I have a passion for teaching, and my students have followed me wherever I go. They have benefited by gaining new confidence for their further study, at work and excelling in their careers. The students have been very well motivated in my classes by my teaching methodology wherever I teach. My teaching philosophy is to pay great attention to students’ individual differences and give them fair chances to develop their talents. I am a professional with enthusiasm and passion for teaching, and I am patient, dynamic, caring and easygoing as well. I believe this is going to be an productive and fun-filled learning experience the students will have.

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