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Rita B.

LanguageBird German Instructor

Hi, my name is Rita. I was born in Russia and raised in Germany. Growing up in a bilingual environment conversing between- Russian and German, I am very passionate about different languages and cultures. After studying chemistry (master degree) at university, I started off to work as a lab manager in a testing institute. On year ago, I decided to go deeper into the topic safety at work and have been working for the employers’ liability insurance associations. I am used to give talks, seminars and have international meetings and calls. I know how important it is for communication to understand each other´s language. Helping others to learn new languages I can support my students to open new doors in their lives and give them the opportunity to discover a new culture and alternative opinions. That´s why, I love teaching so much. I have about 5 years teaching experience in mathematics, chemistry and Russian. Most of my students were teenagers. I am very patient and good at explaining things easily and clearly. In my spare time I enjoy to be in nature and love to have a nice meal with good friends. I look forward to working with you!

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