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Shentara C.

LanguageBird ASL Instructor

Hello, My name is Shentara. I graduated in May 2020 at Gallaudet University; I received a bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language and a minor in Linguistics. Also, I worked as a teacher assistant for an internship that helps me be confident and uses teaching methods working with students. In 2017, I was only working as a Cultural/Language Consultant for one month at the Actor Theatre of Louisville. I used to be acting at the theatre since I was a young girl. So, I am familiar with what sign language is and what facial expressions to match different roles in each character to act. I do have a few work experiences related to ASL teaching. I went to Italy to study abroad for three weeks; I learned Italian and Italian Sign Language. I love to learn about various languages, cultures, and food. In my experience in Italy, I was shocked by Italians using hand gestures because I was happy and able to communicate with hand gestures. So, I have enjoyed learning and meeting with international people since I was in college because I am very friendly and easy-going when meeting new people to adapt to their languages and cultures. So, I look forward to working with you, and it will be fun using ASL. Additionally, American Sign Language is lovely and easy to express, especially with art and visuals with our hands and face. It can help you to have confidence using the hand gesture for traveling to another country if needed. My hobbies are love to watching Asian TV shows, animes, and general genres of movies. I am also a fan of watching the Olympics. I am a curious person about learning the people and the world. I also love hiking. A fun fact about me, I always have a sense of humor that draws you in and makes you laugh. I am on my own as a comedian with friends and family once you get to know me. Ha!

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