Stefania P.

LanguageBird Italian Instructor

I am from Gela, a small city in the south of Sicily. I currently live in California with my husband and my kids. In my free time I enjoy reading and travel to better know my new Country. I am a native Italian, and I lived in Italy until two years ago.

I worked as a journalist for 20 years so I’m skilled in reading, writing and speaking the Italian language. This year I started to teach Italian for a local private school. I really enjoy my new job experience with teaching. I love to teach my beloved language to people of all ages.

I modeled my teaching from my memory of when I arrived to the USA and I was a student for the English language. This has helped me understand how students feel and further refine my teaching abilities. I always make sure my students feel comfortable during class so they learn in a stress-free environment.

I am very much looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for the Italian language with you, and help you speak it fluently. Most importantly, I hope that you enjoy and have fun in the process of learning this beautiful language.

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