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Stefanie M.

LanguageBird German Instructor

Hallo! My name is Steffi and I’m an elementary school teacher from Heidelberg, Germany currently living in Texas, USA. Learning and teaching languages has been my passion from a very young age since I was lucky to travel many countries in Europe and thereby experience various cultures and their languages. I loved that! This made me realize how important it is to be able to communicate in the natives‘ language to fully understand the culture and immerse in it. Therefore, I studied English, French and Spanish at a Foreign Language Institute for 2 years before I started working as a Foreign Language Secretary for an international law firm. Later I combined my love for languages with my passion for teaching when I graduated university with a degree in elementary and high school teaching (with a major in German and English Language Arts and Reading). Since then I’ve gained many years of experience teaching English and German to students of different ages. I believe that we all learn best if what we learn is meaningful to us and the way we learn is fun and engaging. That’s why I use motivating teaching methods adapted to the individual interests of my students. When I’m not doing yoga or learning new languages myself, you can ususally find me with my family or volunteering at the local animal shelter. I cannot wait to teach you my language while introducing you to our German culture.

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