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Tomer S.

LanguageBird Hebrew Instructor

I am from Israel, currently residing in Belize. I feel fortunate to have lived and traveled in many places on our blue planet: Israel, India, South east Asia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Norway and Central America; Always curious, exploring the nature, learning about language and culture, drinking copious amounts of the local version of coffee. I have a degree in Marine science, I teach diving, aquaponics and Hebrew, and currently brushing up my creole.

I am living in Belize enjoying the nature and smiles of the Caribbean culture. I travelled for years learning about languages and cultures, finding that books and music are the best ways to learn both. I am a marine scientist by education and nature lover by default.

My teaching experience includes seminars about marine agriculture and the marine environment to youth and adults, teaching diving in 3 languages and now teaching Hebrew On-line, which I think is brilliant (I learned to play guitar from a video tape… Jurassic, I know). I believe in interactive, dynamic teaching, a lot of conversing, ample patience and healthy humor. Curiosity is perhaps dangerous to Felidae, but it’s a must for the rest of us. I’d love to help you speak, read, write and enjoy modern Hebrew.

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