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Travis S.

LanguageBird American Sign Language Instructor

Greetings everyone! I am hearing and grew up in a hearing family with no exposure to ASL until entering adulthood. This background helps equip me with the perspective of many of my students–I can relate to their lack of experience and understanding and better tailor my lessons to this audience. However, once I discovered ASL it was love at first sight and I could not stop learning more about all things ASL; within half a year I was attending Deaf events regularly and conversing proficiently in signs. Since then I been working in the Deaf community for the last 12 years: at a Deaf residential school for 2 years, helping Deaf adults obtain and maintain employment for 6 years, and as a Sign Language Interpreter for 4 years. Through all of this I have been teaching ASL classes to hearing students for over 5 years now. Teaching is another one of my main passions and I love introducing the hearing community to all things ASL–the signs, culture, community, etiquette, and grammar–while keeping my content both educational and entertaining. I have taught classes using English as the mode of information as well as classes that were fully immersive and purely ASL based (yes for brand new students!) and everything in between. I look forward to sharing my joy and passion for ASL with you and am excited to help you along your ASL journey!


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