Vera K.

LanguageBird Russian Instructor

I was born in Moscow, Russia and from the very young age I have always known that I would be a language teacher. I have a master’s degree in teaching Russian, and at the moment I am about to graduate with another master’s in General Linguistics. My subprogram deals with Sociolinguistics: Language Contacts and Language Policy, which builds a solid foundation for a career in international organizations or national contexts by focusing on language and society in multilingual settings.

During the studies, I paid particular attention to mastering my translation and interpreting skills to become more professional in the field.

I was lucky to have worked on multiple international projects, where I cooperated with people from 71 countries. I believe this helped me become more aware of cultures and languages around the world, which is crucial in our modern society. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and making this world more united through learning languages.



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