Warda A.

LanguageBird French Instructor

I am French and I have always lived in and around Paris. My parents come from Morocco, so I
was bilingual since birth. I am also fluent in English, speak Japanese, Spanish and some Italian. While I studied languages, I traveled around the world. I went to the United States six times, and many times in Asia as well (Thailand and Japan). I also went to many countries in Europe. Travelling gave me the great chance to be in contact with many beautiful cultures, to open myself to people.

I started teaching French for middle school for a couple of years. I have a strong interest in languages, and also, I love sharing my experiences. I truly believe that positivity has a strong power in helping people to rise. Sharing optimism is the key. I am very patient and I listen to my students’ needs. I would be honored to share my experience to help you improve your French language skills.

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