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Yiling G.

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My name is Yiling G, and I was born and raised in Kunming, China, a beautiful city known as “spring city”, for its perfect spring-like weather all year long. I came to Shanghai, another modern and prosperous city, for university, and graduated from East China Normal University with a master’s degree in Chinese language and literature. Afterwards, I taught as a Chinese teacher in Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Science & Technology University of Shanghai for about 13 years. After immigrating to the United States in 2012, I taught students of different ages in Chinese schools, churches and immersion programs of public schools in Maryland for several years, as well as teaching adults in Diplomatic Language Services in the Washington D.C. area. I have been able to meet students of all age groups, skill levels, and different ethnicities in my abundant teaching experiences. I am very passionate in teaching and love to interact with students to help them not only improve their Chinese language skills, but also pass the Chinese culture to them.

I would like to share with you three Chinese idioms that reflect my teaching philosophy and style. The first one, “因(yīn)材(cái)施(shī)教(jiào)” means to teach each student according to his or her abilities. The second idiom, “寓(yù)教(jiào)于(yú)乐(lè)”, means to teach through fun and engaging activities. Finally, “学(xué)以(yǐ)致(zhì)用(yòng)”, means that we learn for the purpose of applying our knowledge.

I hope that with my help, you can develop knowledge and skills in the beautiful language of Chinese, and also have fun in the process!

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