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LanguageBird® is excited to provide an online course option for schools taught 100% by a teacher LIVE, online.

  • Schools can now offer languages they never dreamed they could have before to students!
  • Goodbye video correspondence courses and students who are lost and not learning to speak the language.
  • Our one to one and small group courses can be tailored to a specific school or school district needs.

LanguageBird® High School Courses Include:

1. WASC Accredited and University of California (UC) approved course credits. LanguageBird® is an approved online provider. Ask how to add LanguageBird courses to your school’s course list.

2. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) approved credits.

3. Students may attend class from anywhere (in the world) where they have an Internet connection on any type of device with an Internet browser. The program is delivered fully online so students can access at school, home or via mobile device.

4. A professionally trained, bilingual teacher teaches each class online.

5. Inquiry and project-based learning for a personalized experience.

6. Full attendance reporting.

7. Homework and projects based on student skill level and interests. LanguageBird® teachers provide feedback to students after each lesson. Tips are given to direct students about what to work on for the next sessions.

8. Students can be provided with a digital text. The text is standards-aligned content with embedded assessment tools providing instant data. Teachers are able to check standards mastery and progress, see who completed assignments, identify who’s falling behind and view the amount of time each student spent on a task.

9. Teachers take and post class notes for each class for all students to access. Having access to the teacher’s notes is helpful for study and review.

10. Students, parents and high school administrators may request access a recorded version of each class for review.

11. Students have access to ask the teacher questions outside of class time via email.

12. LanguageBird® staff directly relate to school officials and administration. Dr. Koven has nearly 20 years of experience in education and working with high school students, parents and schools. LanguageBird® works directly with the school to create a course calendar and meeting dates.

13. “Office Hours” may be added to the school curriculum. Students can log on to ask questions, practice having a conversation or to review the week’s lesson. If utilized, this session is also recorded and may be utilized or viewed later by all students.

14. LanguageBird® teachers do not require the school or district to provide them with any services, payment or benefits.

15. Certificates of course completion are provided by LanguageBird® for each student. Student grades are sent to the school to record and distribute or may be sent to the student directly or a combination of both depending on school needs. They may also be requested by students to be sent directly to colleges/universities.

16. School staff do not need to monitor or supervise LanguageBird® classes. Students can access their class from anywhere where they have an internet connection and attendance is tracked by LanguageBird® .

17. LanguageBird allows schools to have a choice and the flexibility to offer an accelerated curriculum where students can take two years of foreign language credit in one traditional school year.

18. Schools have the option to offer advanced middle school students UC approved high school courses before they enter high school. This allows students to take advantage of other courses, electives, extracurricular activities or AP courses without having a foreign language in their daily school schedule when they enter high school.

LanguageBird® Partners

Through partnerships, LanguageBird®  takes on a variety of initiatives related to language education. Some of our partners are listed below.

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