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If you want the most personalized foreign language instruction, you’ve come to the right place.

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Are you a high school student who would like to take your high school foreign language courses online with a private instructor? LanguageBird® courses are the most personalized courses available completely tailored for your needs, ability and schedule. Professional, patient, and encouraging teachers are your personal guide through your foreign language curriculum. You can start any time of year, but why not start now?

LanguageBird is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the University of California and NCAA have approved LanguageBird® as a college-prep online course provider. This means middle and high school students can list LanguageBird® courses on their college applications and colleges will accept our courses for your high school credits. Courses can be used for credit recovery, to get ahead, to improve skills, or just for review!

Who is LanguageBird for?


Take accredited high school foreign language courses with a private instructor at your own pace and convenience. Need tutoring? Want to practice your conversation skills in your target language? We are here to help.

Learn in the most personalized environment. Our 1 to 1 student/teacher ratio ensures you have the most individual attention. There is no faster way to learn!


Study with a bilingual, native-speaking, highly-trained teacher. Professional, patient and encouraging, they will guide you through your high school curriculum. No need to feel shy like some do in a large classroom. It’s the safest environment for taking risks and learning to speak the language. Start communicating with confidence!


Make more time in your school schedule/day to take advantage of other courses your high school offers: electives, AP courses, athletic teams or art programs without a language class in your schedule.

Increase your chances of getting into elite universities by taking foreign language all four years (or more!) of high school.

Need tutoring in your current class? Maybe you didn’t pass? No problem. We can help. Use LanguageBird® for tutoring or credit recovery! Your instructor will teach to your needs, fill in any learning gaps and get you up to speed.

LanguageBird® is also for high school students who want to take a course their high school is not offering. Choose from : Spanish (levels 1-6), French (1-5), German (1-5), Japanese (1-4), Mandarin (1-5), Italian (1-5), Hebrew (1-5), or American Sign Language (1-2).

Enroll anytime and start earning credit now.


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Did You Know?

With LanguageBird® , you video chat with one of our expert teachers online, talking LIVE, face-to-face and working together as if you are side by side. These instructors live the language! They are located all over the world and their passion is to connect with others to teach them to communicate effectively and with confidence.


LanguageBird® is different than other online course providers.

It’s 100% LIVE, online, personalized instruction.

Convenience Lessons can be done from the comfort of your home. Don’t waste time commuting, parking and waiting! You plan your class schedule with your private instructor at times that are good for you.

Typed Notes While you learn, your teacher will type your notes live, for you to see. After the lesson, you have beautiful and useful notes ready to print and be studied and a record of each lesson with feedback.

Customization Your private instructor will coach your through our high school curriculum at a pace that is right for you. You stay with the same instructor for each lesson so they can see improvement over time.

Interactivity The only way to really learn a language is to speak in a live, unpredictable environment. Self-study programs and textbooks can be a great start, but real conversations and one-on-one attention is what will enable you to actually use and learn the language.

Fun! Vibrant LanguageBird® teachers, noticeable improvement and personal language success make up the recipe for an enjoyable language learning experience. Building a relationship with your teacher is like having an immersion experience of going abroad without having to leave home.

How it works

This is easy! What you need:

A computer or tablet, an internet connection, and a headset are all you need. You may not even need a headset – many computers have microphones built in. If you’re not the best with technology, we’ll show you how to set everything up – it takes fewer than 5 minutes.


Once you enroll in a course, tutoring or conversational sessions, we will contact you to schedule your lessons. We will match you to a teacher who is a great fit and available on your chosen days/times. For one year of high school foreign language credit, you take 24, private, one-hour lessons. For one semester, you take 12, private, one hour lessons. Between lessons students have 1-2 hours of work to complete on their own before the next class meeting. An online textbook is used and assignments are given to you by your instructor.

Our teachers live all over the world. You will learn about their culture and develop an authentic accent. It’s like going abroad without the passport, long flights and jet-lag. LanguageBird fosters cultural awareness, connectivity and dissolves boarders.

Once your course is complete, LanguageBird® will send your certificate of completion to your high school or to the college/university of your choice.

Course textbooks may be borrowed from a library, purchased online (new or used) or even borrowed from the student’s high school (the text is standard in many high schools). In some cases, LanguageBird® provides access to the digital text.

How do you get course credit? 

Course credit from your high school: The LanguageBird® foreign language program is designed to help students develop foundational communicative skills in foreign language studies and help prepare them for future college courses. LanguageBird® is WASC accredited which is the highest standard and what most high schools look for in order to grant credit for a course outside of their own curriculum.

We recommend you talk to your school counselor and let them know you would like to take a LanguageBird® course if it is required for your high school graduation credit (most high schools require 2 years of foreign language). Some high schools will fill out a concurrent enrollment form and ask you to bring in or send a certificate of completion once your LanguageBird® course is finished. We are happy to work with your high school administrator and counselors!

If your course is not for credits toward graduation from high school,  you are taking our courses to further your studies in the language, make time in your schedule, show competitive colleges you are dedicated student, etc. you don’t need to get permission from your school.  If you do let them know you are taking extracurricular courses, it could help them with your college advising, scheduling, and more. Some school districts/schools have a policy to include or not to include outside courses on their transcript. You will need to ask the school about their policy.

LanguageBird® will send your certificate of completion and final course grade to your high school and/or to colleges of your choice. We can send it electronically (email or by Parchment) or through U.S. mail.

Enroll in your foreign language course

We currently offer the following courses & levels:


  • Spanish (1-5 and 6H)
  • French (1-5)
  • German (1-5)
  • Italian (1-5)
  • Hebrew (1-5)
  • Mandarin (1-5)
  • Japanese (1-4)
  • American Sign Language (1-2)

For school districts or schools that would like to learn more about our programs

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Scholarships are available with high school counselor approval.

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Students who have completed their course may request their certificate of completion to be sent here.

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