Who is LanguageBird for?

Take accredited high school foreign language courses with a private instructor at your own pace and convenience. Need tutoring? Want to practice your conversation skills in your target language? We are here to help.

Learn in the most personalized environment. Our 1 to 1 student/teacher ratio ensures you have the most individual attention. There is no faster way to learn!

Study with a bilingual, native-speaking, highly-trained teacher. Professional, patient and encouraging, they will guide you through your high school curriculum. No need to feel shy like some do in a large classroom. It’s the safest environment for taking risks and learning to speak the language. Start communicating with confidence!

Make more time in your school schedule/day to take advantage of other courses your high school offers: electives, AP courses, athletic teams or art programs without a language class in your schedule.

Increase your chances of getting into elite universities by taking foreign language all four years (or more!) of high school.

Need tutoring in your current class? Maybe you didn’t pass? No problem. We can help. Use LanguageBird® for tutoring or credit recovery! Your instructor will teach to your needs, fill in any learning gaps and get you up to speed.

LanguageBird® is also for high school students who want to take a course their high school is not offering. Choose from : Spanish (levels 1-6), French (1-5), German (1-5), Japanese (1-4), Mandarin (1-5), Italian (1-5), Hebrew (1-5), or American Sign Language (1-2).

Enroll anytime and start earning credit now.

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