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Our online courses are accredited, personalized and flexible. See how quickly and effectively you can learn, retain Portuguese and earn school credit.

Portuguese Immersion

Our lessons immerse students in language learning, exploring culture and customs. It’s like going abroad without leaving your home. Students build positive relationships and meaningful connections with their instructors that improve their language study. By using a communicative approach, students get direct and consistent practice speaking Portuguese.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling is critical for busy students, which is why we work with your schedule. A private instructor comes to you via video chat! Our courses run year-round, and students can start anytime. Lessons expire one year after purchase and can be paused if needed. You can cancel a lesson and reschedule with 24 hours’ notice.

Competency & Project-Based Learning Model

We know every student is different. Our competency and project-based learning model allows students to take charge of their own learning experience.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is simply the best and fastest way to learn. Our student-centered approach creates an environment where students can focus on topics of their language interest and get the most practice speaking the language.

Support Based On Individual Needs

Our students receive timely, differentiated instruction and support based on their individual needs. Varied pacing, active learning and curated resources allow students to demonstrate progress based on evidence of mastery, not seat time.

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World Language Course Offerings Like No Other.

Most online courses involve little verbal communication and lots of memorizing. LanguageBird is about creating relationships with native speakers, not logging into software. LanguageBird knows the most effective way to retain a language is through speaking the language and interacting in a live spontaneous environment. That’s why we offer private instruction, where your teachers will help you learn quickly, effectively and on your schedule.

Our approach to education is personal and dynamic.

We use innovative learning activities, unique assessments, and student directed projects to engage our students. Instructors take notes during each session to share with students and evaluate students over time based on personal progress. We don’t believe in timed exams. Instead, we believe in giving students the opportunity to present what they have learned in a format and environment in which they are comfortable. Final projects are presented to the instructor during the final session of the course along with any required written components.

Why Choose an Online High School Language Program?

Enrolling your student in a LanguageBird course offers greater freedom and flexibility for their learning than what is typically found in a traditional brick-and-mortar high school environment. All of our faculty are experienced instructors in the field of education, and our trained, experienced teachers love to work with high school students. Students meet with the same teacher, a consistency that allows them to build both skills and a relationship. Students use our courses to make more room in their daily school schedule, to get ahead, to make-up a class, or to study a language that’s not offered at their school.

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What's The Chirping About?


Soraya S.


“Learning the Korean language is something that is very emotional for me. It is the language of my heritage and ancestors, but my mother’s upbringing meant that she could not teach it to me. My instructor, has done an excellent job at teaching me what my family could not pass down. I think that the biggest flaw with many language classes is the focus on memorization, but my instructor did not force me to memorize all of the unnecessary words. Rather, she focused on my ability to remember syntax, conjugation and key terms like subject words and common verbs. She also noticed that I would sometimes get stressed or upset when I made mistakes, and so she would often take time before activities to reassure me and make me feel comfortable. The classes I took were difficult, but properly tuned for my capability, and helped me feel more confident in my skills.”


Isabella B.


“My LanguageBird online experience has been nothing but positive. I went from knowing a few simple words to being able to get involved in real conversations. Everything was so easy to access and communicate through and my instructor was amazing.”


Rocco R.


“My instructor definitely helped support my goals through her continuous patience. Especially because I have ADHD, she has been very relaxed and understands when I get distracted. Whether a friend of mine is coming up to talk to me, or I was not able to complete that weeks homework, she has been very understanding and deals with those kinds of situations very well. I like that they have specific teachers for those who struggle with ADHD/ADD because I feel like when you have a teacher who understands why you are constantly distracted, or need a minute to calm down or just to relax and get focused it really helps.”


Libby M.


“I loved coming to LanguageBird because it was well organized and extremely productive. My instructor was incredibly personal and took the time to get to know me, which made me want to participate more! My favorite lesson were the ones that we would have free-form conversations about a designated topic! Whenever I got stuck or was having trouble remember something, my instructor was super understanding and always let me try to finish my thought before providing help. The difference at Languagebird, compared to taking a language at school, was the one-on-one feel of the class. I was never stressed and always looked forward to class!”


Hilary S.

LanguageBird Parent, Spanish

“My daughter took a semester of Spanish with LanguageBird and then private tutoring after such a positive experience. I hear her laughing and speaking as she takes her lessons, and her progress has been remarkable. She can now understand me very well as I speak, and can also hold a conversation on her own.”

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Get The Free Guide.

Download this informational PDF to learn more about LanguageBird and our accredited online courses.

We want to help you find a solution to your language learning needs! Call 1.844.700.2473 to learn more.

Live, 1-to-1 Classes that are Accredited, Personalized, and Flexible.

Online language courses have many benefits that some schools simply can’t offer, but how do you know which one to choose? Here’s what makes LanguageBird different from other online language courses.