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Learn Languages Online with LanguageBird

Today’s high school students need to learn a second language if they are to have an exemplary college experience followed by a well-rounded career. However, many teens struggle to actually learn languages taught in traditional high school classrooms. Parents often exhaust their search to find language courses and instructors for high school students that are both effective and accommodate their student’s school, extracurricular activities and family schedule.

LanguageBird offers the best solutions for high school students who need to take a language course, get tutoring, or add a new language to their skillset. Parents love the value in their investment as it leads to more well-rounded students who are confident speaking the target language. LanguageBird students are able to make deep cultural connections with their private instructor and gain a more broader worldview to serve them in years to come.

Why LanguageBird?

Listen to our testimonials to see what makes LanguageBird so special!


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Global Seal of Biliteracy

The Global Seal of Biliteracy is recognized nationally and internationally by employers and schools as a standard metric of language proficiency. You can include it on your resume, CV, LinkedIn profile, or college applications to stand out from others and to clearly indicate your language ability.

We Made the List Again!

LanguageBird is on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies!! We're proud of the amazing team we've created globally and the 6,000+ students who have benefited from our programs. Join us as we continue to soar!

How It Works.

From finding the perfect teacher to scheduling and tracking your progress, we take care of all the details, so you can focus on learning.



Choose your program and custom schedule.


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Learn Like Never Before

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LanguageBird Promotes Cultural Discovery

While acquiring credits is a major goal for every high school student who takes a language course, many students expect to make cultural connections and engage with the language at a deeper level as they seek enrichment for future travel and conversation. Unfortunately, some traditional high school campus classes can make cultural discovery very difficult. 

The student/teacher ratio is extremely high in many classes. This means teachers are limited to lecturing at one pace, according to one style, and there is little to no room for an enhanced teaching approach to focus on cultural discovery. Simply put, this approach isn’t considered a good use of time when one voice is expected to educate a group of students with different learning needs.

When students learn languages online with LanguageBird, native speaking instructors offer valuable one-to-one attention and are able to weave an immersive cultural journey into every lesson. They share their personal story and customs, while also personalizing the course to accommodate the student’s life and career goals. LanguageBird instructors make language learning real and relevant. 

Parents partner with LanguageBird because the value their teens receive from these online language classes pays off in unparalleled delivery of instruction and connection with a person, not software. Explore our various language courses and learn more about our accredited, online language classes and tutoring options. 

Our Live Language Instruction Features:


One-to-One Instruction

Live face-to-face & customized.

Customized Scheduling

Let us work with your schedule.

World Class Instructors

People, not software.


WASC and Cognia accredited! UC and NCAA approved!

World Language Course Offerings Like No Other.

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Online Language Courses for Credit and Tutoring Enhance Learning Experiences

There are a number of reasons why parents invest in online language tutoring and virtual courses for their high school students, but these same parents choose to invest in LanguageBird for a specific and special set of criteria exclusive to our program:

  • Accredited and approved courses taught live, online by an instructor 
  • All lessons are live and fully immersive where communication is key, not videos
  • Complete one-to-one private instruction, attention, and customization
  • All online language classes are taught by native speakers who are trained instructors
  • Online learning approach that offers cultural connections  
  • Students set their own schedule and pace
  • Students become confident speakers of the target language which is effective and practical

Set your student up for success with personalized learning to meet them at their level. LanguageBird offers very beginning to advanced courses. Get the most tailored instruction, impress colleges, and prepare students for future studies and careers. Give them the gift of a more manageable class schedule and transferable language credits from an online course that enables a level of enhanced learning and personalized, one-to-one instruction that simply can’t be experienced on a traditional high school campus or with any other online accredited provider.

What’s The Chirping About?

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Mercedes M.

LanguageBird Teacher

“It’s not only about teaching the content and the curriculum but also to get a personal connection with the student. Getting to know the student when you teach online is important because you need to get connection on another level to engage them more.”

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Delaney M.

Grade 7, LanguageBird Student

“I LOVE that I get to experience Spanish from a teacher who lives in Spain. It makes Spanish come to life! I would highly recommend LanguageBird to any student or parent.”

Polina Edmunds

Polina Edmunds

American Olympic Figure Skater

“As an elite level figure skater, LanguageBird allowed me to stay flexible in my schedule and learn Spanish 3 effectively. LanguageBird was awesome in helping me take the course and do well.”

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Lesa Weber

Dr. Lesa Weber, Counselor, Weber College Advising. Member of IECA, HECA, WACAC and NACAC

“LanguageBird is one of the tricks I share with the families I work with in my college counseling practice. Students who take a foreign language throughout high school have increased odds of getting accepted to top universities and increased opportunities for scholarships.”

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Mary P.

LanguageBird Student

“LanguageBird has provided me with opportunities that many other places did not. It allowed me the chance to learn a language in the comfort of my own home, with learning options that fit to my preferred schedule.”

World-class, trained instructors. Top-notch, student-centered curriculum.

No passport or packing required! Experience another language and culture without leaving home.

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