Why LanguageBird?

LanguageBird creates a community of learners who master speaking new languages with confidence. Students connect one-to-one with an engaged instructor for self-paced language learning and cultural discovery.

Why LanguageBird®?

LanguageBird® provides learners with connection and access anytime, anywhere to passionate, experienced teachers who love to teach their language and culture. An individual approach, flexibility in scheduling, world-class instructors, and an exceptional curriculum are a part of what every student experiences with LanguageBird®.

Why LanguageBird® for Middle and High School Students?

LanguageBird® is the premier online world language program for middle and high school students. We are the first accredited online provider specializing in a one-to-one, 100% live experience in 11 different world languages. LanguageBird® is the world language expert providing an unparalleled experience for teens online. There is no better classroom ratio than 1 to 1. Our online setting allows the flexibility needed for today’s students, as well as the learning experience to mirror the future of their education and careers.

We strive to be…

LanguageBird® is a globally connected and culturally aware group of learners interacting in a safe, productive, and encouraging online environment. Working together to communicate, grow, and learn with people all over the globe can be experienced through our lessons. We build relationships and cultural awareness, not just skills.

Meet the Founder & Director of LanguageBird®

Dr. Karyn Koven

LanguageBird®  was founded and is directed by Dr. Karyn A. Koven. Curriculum building, best practices in college counseling, teaching and articulation with universities across the world has been her niche specialty for nearly two decades. Dr. Koven has been a high school administrator, counselor and teacher. She has visited over 100 colleges domestically and internationally and has helped thousands of students get admitted to the top universities in the world.

World language courses are required for acceptance into four-year colleges however, in her experience, she witnessed a lack of options for her own students and online courses for world language learning simply do not work as well without the conversation component and a teacher interacting spontaneously with the student. She believes firmly that learning a language requires constant interaction and speaking not just listening and repeating. LanguageBird® was born from the concept of providing live instruction from high quality teachers but with the convenience of an online classroom. The goal is for students to have high quality, personalized, standards-based, college-preparatory world language classes anywhere -even out of their own home.

Dr. Koven earned her undergraduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from UCLA.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Meet Our Team

Expert, trained teachers encourage and guide you in your learning experience.
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Soo K.

LanguageBird Korean Instructor
Yonghi Koch in hat

Yonghi K.

LanguageBird Korean Instructor
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Charlotte H.

LanguageBird ASL Instructor

Cassie H.

LanguageBird ASL Teacher

Madeline F.

LanguageBird German Teacher

Karina P.

LanguageBird Hebrew Teacher

Kazuko A.

LanguageBird Japanese Teacher
Markus Pic

Markus N.

LanguageBird German Teacher

Gertrud K.

LanguageBird German Teacher

Jindan W.

LanguageBird Mandarin Teacher

Severine A.

LanguageBird French Teacher

Vera K.

LanguageBird Russian Teacher

Mia K.

LanguageBird Korean Teacher
My Best Portrait 2018

Nataliya B.

LanguageBird Russian Teacher

Geneviève F.

LanguageBird French Teacher
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Andy A.

LanguageBird Admin/Registrar

Andres F.

LanguageBird Spanish Teacher

Camilla B.

LanguageBird Italian Teacher

Fabiana D.

LanguageBird Italian Teacher

Gabriela C.

LanguageBird Spanish Teacher

Giorgio Z.

LanguageBird Italian Teacher

Jorge H.

LanguageBird Spanish Teacher

José P.

LanguageBird Spanish Teacher

Mercedes R.

LanguageBird Spanish Teacher

Muyi W.

LanguageBird Chinese Teacher

Natalia C.

LanguageBird Spanish Teacher

Rasmia Z.

LanguageBird Italian Teacher

Rodrigo G.

LanguageBird Spanish Teacher

Sayuri S.

LanguageBird Japanese Teacher

Stefania P.

LanguageBird Italian Teacher

Pauline C.

LanguageBird French Teacher

Michael N.

LanguageBird French Teacher

Tomer S.

LanguageBird Hebrew Teacher

Nikolina V.

LanguageBird German Teacher

Carlos M.

LanguageBird Spanish Teacher