Terms of Use


Online Private Lessons

Lesson Length
Lessons are 50 minutes live on Skype with a teacher.

1 Lesson = 1 Credit

If student desires any change in his or her lessons, he/she is encouraged to ask the teacher for the change. If the student is still unsatisfied in any way, it is the student’s responsibility to notify LanguageBird® staff (other than the teacher) promptly. LanguageBird® will either speak with the teacher or assign a new teacher to the student. If, after 1 lesson, the student is unsatisfied with the 2nd teacher assigned and desires a refund for remaining pre-paid lessons, the refund will be given. Not until the student has attempted lessons with a 2nd teacher will a refund be granted on pre-paid lessons.

Billing Cycle and Expiration of Lessons

Lesson credits reset at the beginning of each student’s individual 30 day billing cycle. For example, if a student subscribes on the 7th of February for 12 lessons per month, then he/she must complete those lessons by the 7th of March. If only 10 lessons are complete by March 7th, the cycle will reset and no refund will be granted for the remaining 2 credits. It is up to the student and teacher to plan in advance to ensure that the student stays on track and completes all of his/her allotted lessons each cycle.

If a student enrolls near the end of the month, such as on January 29th, then the cycle will carry over for a full 30 days, so it will end on March 1st and the next cycle will run from March 2nd – March 29th to reset the cycle to the original signup date.

The first & last month of lessons will be charged at the time of enrollment.

An initiation fee may also be charged.

Extra Lesson Credits
Student may take more lessons in a billing cycle than are allotted in the student’s program. In such cases, student will automatically be charged at the end of the cycle for the additional lessons and will still receive his/her per lesson rate. For example: Maria’s program allows up to 12 lessons per cycle at $64 / lesson. She completes 14 during the cycle. At the end of the cycle she will be charged for 2 extra lessons at $64 / lesson.

Membership Cancellation
Membership cancellation requests must be sent to a manager or support staff at LanguageBird® . After such a request, no future charges will be made for the student’s future billing cycles. Refunds are not given for unused lessons in the current billing cycle nor for the last month that was pre-paid at enrollment. Upon cancellation, student will still have access to his/her remaining lesson credits for the current billing cycle and the final cycle.

The final cycle of enrollment (after the current cycle) may be delayed for up to 60 days upon student request in advance of the start of the cycle, but shall not be delayed for more than 60 days.

Student Vacations
If a student cannot fulfill all of his/her lesson credits in a month due to a planned absence of 10 or more days, he/she must notify his/her teacher AND LanguageBird® staff at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the planned absence. LanguageBird®  staff will then adjust the billing cycle for the student accordingly.
If a student cannot fulfill his/her full allocation of lessons for the month for any reason other than a planned absence, it is the student’s responsibility and the regular subscription rate will still apply for the month.

LanguageBird® student assumes full responsibility and liability for any consequences of his/her use or misuse of any foreign language elements (vocabulary, grammar etc.) and any information at all provided through LanguageBird® ‘s employees, representatives, owners or contractors.
The views and opinions expressed by teachers contracting through LanguageBird® are solely their own and in no way represent LanguageBird® ‘s views or opinions.
By using LanguageBird® ‘s services, user hereby AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS LanguageBird® , its employees, representatives, owners and contractors from any loss, liability, damage, or costs, including court costs and attorneys’ fees that user may incur due to his/her participation in LanguageBird® lessons and usage of language information from LanguageBird® ‘s employees, representatives, owners or contractors used outside of lessons in any context at all, WHETHER CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE OF LanguageBird® employees, representatives, owners or contractors or otherwise, to the fullest extent allowed by law.
It is the user’s express intent that this agreement shall bind the members of his/her family and spouse, if user is alive, and his/her heirs, assigns and personal representative, if user is deceased, and shall be deemed as a RELEASE, WAIVER, DISCHARGE, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE LanguageBird® or its employees, representatives, owners or contractors.

Student may or may not receive homework before or after a lesson. 1 lesson includes 1 live Skype session with a teacher whether or not homework is assigned and/or completed. Teachers are not required to correct homework outside of their lesson times with students.

Teacher Cancellations
If teacher cancels a lesson fewer than 24 hours in advance or does not show up for a lesson, in order to avoid being accidentally charged for the lesson, student must email support@languagebird.com within 24 hours describing what occurred. In order to ensure accuracy, notifications of teacher cancellations or no-shows cannot be taken after 24 hours.

Student Cancellations
Student is to schedule lessons in advance with his/her teacher.
If student cancels 24 hours or more before a scheduled lesson, the credit for the lesson will still be available for the month.
If student cancels fewer than 24 hours before a lesson, the lesson credit will be deducted as if the lesson had taken place.

Lesson credits are not transferable to another person.

If student is late to a lesson, no additional time will be added to the lesson. If teacher is late to a lesson, he/she is obligated to make up that time to the student at either the end of the current lesson or at a future lesson.
If student is tardy, teacher will be obligated to wait for student for 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time of the lesson. After 15 minutes, teacher reserves the right to cancel the lesson. No credits will be refunded.

Equipment Failure
LanguageBird® is not responsible for any interruptions to live online lessons due to slowness or failure of student’s computer hardware, software, Internet connection or related technology.
In the event that live online lessons are interrupted due to slowness or failure of teacher’s computer hardware, software, Internet connection or related technology, the following actions will be taken:
Lesson will continue without video. Credits for such lessons will not be refunded.
If lesson quality is still deemed insufficient by teacher, lesson time will be rescheduled free of charge.

Applicable Law and Enforcement
This Web site is controlled by LanguageBird® from within the State of California, United States of America. LanguageBird® makes no representation that the material on this Web site is appropriate or available for use in other locations. Any claim relating to the material on this Web site will be governed by the laws of the State of California, notwithstanding any conflicts of law principles, and the United States of America. Your use of this Web site does not subject LanguageBird® to judicial process or the jurisdiction of courts or other tribunals in your jurisdiction or location. Any part of these terms and conditions that is unlawful, void or unenforceable will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Effective Date
These terms of use were updated on September 20, 2015.