Verification, Accreditation, and Certifications

1. Go to:
2. Click on: Directory of schools
3. Type in: LanguageBird under school name
4. Click enter
2. Click on "Find Accredited Schools" link at top of page
3. Type in LanguageBird for institution name
4. Click "search"
1. Go to: NCAA Eligibility Center
2. Click on Help at the top right of the page
3. Scroll down to resources
4. Click on first option/link: Find your core courses. It will take you to this page:
5. In the field for high school name type: LanguageBird (all one word)
To see LanguageBird's current UC course list click here:
LanguageBird UC List
To add an online publisher’s course to a school’s “A-G” course list, the school will select “Adopt an online publisher course” from the submission menu once logged into the A-G Course Management Portal ( From there, select the online publisher’s name and course title. Once in the submission form, provide school-specific information, such as transcript abbreviations and/or course codes. Then submit the course for processing.

Note: This can only be done between Feb. 1 and September 15th .
LanguageBird does not have a CEEB code.

Only schools issuing full high school diplomas have CEEB codes. LanguageBird® is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Cognia to specialize in world language studies. LanguageBird does not offer a full high school diploma.
The SRAR organization has said that students wanting to report enrollments with LanguageBird on the SRAR college application should use the CEEB code 059999. Please note this CEEB code is exclusive to the SRAR college application and will NOT work on the Common Application.

LanguageBird's physical address is 10501 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA, 90024.

Middle and High School Programs – Curriculum and Evaluation

We've put together a helpful page with information on how we learn at LanguageBird to prepare you for your cultural and linguistic journey.
Learn More.
The first lesson is an Assessment Lesson where the instructor will assess your current language proficiency by referring to our NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Checklist from the previous level. Students who enter Level 2 of a language should be able to accomplish 90%of the Can-Do statements from Level 1.
No problem. Many of our students have never studied a foreign language before. We meet you where you are!
LanguageBird courses’ syllabi are aligned to ACTFL standards. We promote textbook free teaching and rely on NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements to guide learning aims for each level. Instructors use a variety of non-textbook resources to teach the courses including: digital tools, open ended resources from the internet, and video content. Our High School courses are WASC accredited and UC and NCAA approved. The curriculum is essential to give some structure to each lesson and ensure you grasp key concepts which will prepare you for future studies at the university level and beyond.
This depends on your level. Immersion is the goal. Instructors focus on using the target language in class as much as possible. However, sometimes it will be helpful to use English for a quick translation or explanation and that’s acceptable. As you improve, English will become less and less necessary.

Of course, if you are a beginner (levels 1-2 +), all of our teachers are fully bi-lingual and will switch back and forth between English and the language you are studying.
LanguageBird promotes textbook free learning. Teaching materials may be link to a course’s syllabus or individual Lesson Notes. Students will use a variety of current and timely educational resources available online: pictures, music, news sources, and cultural studies related sites. These will be provided online by the teacher.
Yes! At the conclusion of each semester course, your instructor will assess you and give you a final grade. A grade of A-F (just like in school) will be given. Grades are only awarded for Middle School and High School Programs.
At LanguageBird, you will learn one-to-one with an expert instructor who will design lessons to accommodate your interests and learning style, and they will teach at a pace that is comfortable yet challenges you. This means that instructors have the ability to observe progress over time and assess/evaluate your progress. Our teaching philosophy is about demonstrating mastery of material using project-based learning and not evaluating based on one test or one assignment. You are assessed in terms of growth over time as well as your willingness to participate in conversation, attendance, homework completion, and overall progress. You will have the opportunity after each lesson to get feedback from your teacher. Your instructor will prepare Lesson Notes after each class outlining what you learned, what you need to improve on, and how you did in class that day. A rubric is located on the Lesson Note and you will receive a participation and homework grade after each lesson. This way, all along you will know how your teacher is assessing you.

LanguageBird is project-based. At the culmination of each semester, you will be expected to turn in a project to your instructor. Depending on your level of study this could involve a variety of activities and will always include: research, writing, listening, creating, and speaking. Your final project is turned in at the end of the course to your instructor. Often it is presented and your teacher will ask you questions. Sometimes it is filmed and turned in. You will always have input and choice as to the topic of their project.
We do not offer an AP curriculum as that is a very particular and prescribed curriculum designed to teach to a test. LanguageBird does not teach to a test. We focus more on oral competencies and getting students to feel confident speaking with a native speaker. If a student successfully finishes our level 4 course, usually, they are ready to prepare for the Global Seal of Biliteracy, AP test, or other proficency exams. Our students can take the Global Seal of Biliteracy, AP, or other proficency exams in the language if it is offered. Students can prepare by having test prep lessons with our instructors or taking timed practice tests on their own. We do not offer honors courses, but we do offer very high levels (beyond high school studies) in each of our languages. Typically, in schools, honors courses entail a faster pace class or more work added on top of a traditional course. LanguageBird courses are taught to the individual student. The student is able to go at their pace, accelerate, or do more on their own. There is no chance to be “held back” due to a classroom pace since we offer only one-to-one instruction. Additionally, students can complete more than one year of high school study with LanguageBird within a traditional school year. Therefore, it is not necessary to offer “accelerated” courses – ours already are!
All languages are offered through level 6+. Each level is equivalent to a full year of high school study. If a student completed year two at their school and wishes to take year three they would enroll in our level 3 course. Students can also take one semester. Our full year courses are divided into semester "A" and semester "B". Traditionally, if a student were to start studies in 9th grade, they would finish senior year (year 4) at level 4. Many of our students fit a level of study into a traditional semester so there is a lot more room for acceleration.

Pace of Lessons

Most of our students take 2-3 lessons a week. This is the best pace to keep up with your studies and not to forget any material. It also ensures you will complete your course in approximately 4-6 weeks per semester of study. This is much faster than a traditional class in school because it’s one-to-one instruction that’s personalized to you. There is no better or faster way to learn than one-to-one instruction.

If your schedule does not permit you to take more than one lesson a week, that’s fine. Provided you don’t skip any weeks, you will finish a full year of study in 24 weeks! That’s still much faster than a traditional class in school. If you are not taking lessons for credit, you can schedule your lessons as frequently as you wish. Again, remember, the more consistent you are, the more quickly you will see progress!
The majority of LanguageBird students meet with their instructors for 1 or 2 sessions per week; some meet as frequently as 3 times a week pending their schedules. It is recommended that students pace their lessons so that they have time to complete the 1-2 hours of independent homework in between sessions. During the one-to-one lessons with their instructors, students focus on speaking/signing and communicative components of the course curriculum. When completing the homework, students add to vocabulary, review learnings from class, listen to audio from authentic resources, practice grammatical concepts, and more! With this in mind, students spend at minimum approximately one month/four weeks in semester courses and at minimum approximately two months/eight weeks in full-year courses. If you are looking to complete courses more quickly, please contact us to discuss if we may be able to accommodate your needs.
No. Our teachers are patient and productive. They will quickly assess what gaps you may have in your learning and catch you up. With private instruction you won’t have to go over things you already know. They can focus on the things you need to review and make sure you are up to speed. You may not be used to speaking as much as you will with LanguageBird if you have only been in large classroom environments. However, once you get more familiar with your instructor, you will establish a relationship and not be shy to speak up or make mistakes. That's where the magic happens! You’ll see; you’ll start learning faster and faster and having fun!
Your course is tailored to you. At the higher levels, your instructor will expect you to be communicating more fluently and will provide materials and opportunities for you to grow and demonstrate these skills further.


You’ll set up the first lesson with a LanguageBird administrator. Most stick to a consistent schedule (ie: Monday, Wednesday at 5 p.m. or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 4 p.m. etc.
60 minutes. For example, lessons are broken down to: 10 minutes review/homework review, 20 minutes new concepts and practice, 10 minutes new vocabulary, 10 minutes practice of new grammar/vocabulary, 10 minutes wrapping up and preview of next class and homework. The timing may vary across lessons depending on the instructor as well as student needs)
Most times. We try to be flexible to meet your scheduling needs. Depending on the language you are studying it may be more difficult to offer instructor availability at the exact time you prefer but we try and usually get pretty close.

We offer lessons on weekdays as well as weekends. Some students like to learn early in the morning, sometimes it’s after school. Tell us what you need.
Lessons cancelled with fewer than 24 hours notice will not be refunded and an absent/late cancel fee will be charged. Only once the fee is paid, can lessons be rescheduled.
Lessons start and end punctually. Your teacher may have time and be willing to extend the lesson a bit, but this is the exception rather than the rule. For students enrolled in Middle and High School Programs, please refer to the terms section of this website by clicking here. to learn more about LanguageBird’s tardiness policy and the associated fee.

Technology Requirements

You will receive your own Microsoft license and an account. This will give you access to Microsoft teams, which is where your lessons will be conducted.
No worries! We will provide you with an orientation course that provides steps to help get you set-up.  Please also give us a call ar 1-844-700-BIRD or email us at [email protected] if or when additional assistance is needed.
A computer, headphones, and a microphone. (Many computers have built-in microphones these days. If not, you can use the headset from your cell phone or pick up a headset at any big electronics store for $10-$40.)

You can also use the camera built into your computer or an attached web cam, which is very easy to set up. Usually you just plug it into your USB port and are ready to go. Use of a camera is mandatory. It enhances the experience!

Windows or Mac computer.

A DSL, Cable, or Fiber-Optic Internet connection.
You will need access to Microsoft Teams. Students are sent their credentials upon enrollment.


All of our instructors are native-level speakers and many live abroad, experiencing the culture and language you are studying daily. You will get the best understanding of the culture as well as the best exposure to an authentic accent. Each undergoes a rigorous interview process and is well qualified.

LanguageBird Instructors are professional world language instructors who have experience working in online teaching, school, or university settings. Our instructors also come from diverse professional backgrounds. Our roster includes doctors, professors, journalists, psychologists, life coaches, and authors.

We recruit talent who posses a Bachelors, Master’s Degree, or PhD and have experience with Second Language Acquisition, TESOL, and/or teaching their respective language as a World Language.

Not only do our instructors possess strong academic backgrounds and teaching qualifications, they are personable, empathetic, and talented professionals who deliver engaging one-to-one lessons promoting culture and communicative teaching methods.
They are all fully bi-lingual and most of all, they are passionate about wanting to share their language and culture with you!

To learn more about native speakers, read this blog.
Generally yes. If you need to have a class at a specific time that is already taken, then you may be able to switch to another instructor. Middle and High school students meet with and schedule their entire course with the same instructor.
Sorry to hear that! If there are any issues, we look forward to hearing your feedback and will be happy to assist. Please email us.


If you completed a Middle School or High School program and wish to send your final grades to a middle school, high school, or college you are applying to, you may request to do so for a small fee on our "Transcript" page here Using Parchment, LanguageBird sends transcripts to schools and colleges nationwide and internationally via US Mail or electronically.
Enroll on our website. We accept credit cards online. It’s safe and easy. To enroll go here: Enroll Now!
Our tuition for our programs is listed here: Program Tuition!

Certificate of Completion/Transcript Request

Do you need a transcript to send to a school or counselor? Using Parchment, LanguageBird sends transcripts via US mail and electronically so they arrive securely and directly to their destination. Please visit here to begin ordering your transcript!
You can watch a step by step video made by Parchment so you can see exactly what the process is like for ordering a transcript. Click here to view How to Order a Transcript on Parchment.
First, you need to add LanguageBird to your Parchment account. Here's how: 1. From the Home page after you login. Click "Start by adding a school or organization you attended."
Step 1

2. On the next page. Type LanguageBird in one word and click "Search"

Then click the "ADD" button on the far-right side of the very first result LanguageBird.

Please note: LanguageBird is spelled as one word. No space between "Language" and "Bird". Wrong spelling will result a "No result found".

Step 3

3. Fill up the form in the next page and click "Consent and request"

Step 3

4. After the above instructions are done.

LangaugeBird is added to your Parchment account. Now, you can order your Transcript by clicking the "Order" button.
Step 4
Can't find your school on Parchment when typing them in the destination? No problem! Parchment can send transcripts to email addresses that go directly to your counselor or school contact. This option can be found right under the Search bar:
Delivery Destination
You have the option to send it to your personal email, but if you want to send it to a school official click on "I'm sending this order to another individual."
Send to School Official
Fill out the fields with the relevant information. Typically transcripts can be sent to a counselor or registrar at your school, but it is best practice to confirm with your school the appropriate contact.
If you are having any issues with ordering your transcript or need technical support, please contact Parchment support.

How it Works

“A computer, headphones, a microphone, and internet connection! If you’re not the best with technology, we’ll show you how to set everything up – it takes fewer than 5 minutes.
Once you enroll in a Middle or High School Program, or Tutoring, Test Prep, or Conversational Lessons, we will contact you to schedule your lessons. We will match you to an instructor who is a great fit and available on your chosen days/times. Be on the lookout for email communication from LanguageBird with important steps that will need to be taken prior to your first lesson. For one year of high school world language credit, you take 24, private, one-hour lessons. For one semester, you take 12, private, one hour lessons. Between lessons students have 1-2 hours of work to complete on their own. Assignments are given to you by your instructor.
Our instructors live all over the world, including in the U.S. You will learn about their culture and develop an authentic accent. It’s like going abroad without the passport, long flights, and jet-lag. LanguageBird fosters cultural awareness, connectivity, and dissolves borders.
Once your course is complete and your final project is graded, your instructor will send you your final grade via email. You may then request to have a transcript sent for a small fee. Please click here to begin ordering your transcript.

Course Credit

The LanguageBird world language program is designed to help students develop foundational communicative skills in world language studies and help prepare them for future high school and college courses. LanguageBird is WASC and Cognia accredited which is the highest standard and what most high schools look for in order to grant credit for a course outside of their own curriculum.

We recommend you talk to your school counselor and let them know you would like to take a LanguageBird course. Most high schools require 2 years of a world language and courses completed through LanguageBird may be able to fulfill this requirement. Some high schools will fill out a concurrent enrollment form and ask you to bring in or send a certificate of completion once your LanguageBird course is finished. We are happy to work with your high school administrator and counselors!
If your course is not for credits toward graduation from high school, you are taking our courses to further your studies in the language, make time in your schedule, show competitive colleges you are a dedicated student, etc. you don’t need to get permission from your school. If you do let them know you are taking extracurricular courses, it could help them with your college advising, scheduling, and more. Some school districts/schools have a policy to include or not to include outside courses on their transcript. You will need to ask the school about their policy. Regardless of your school’s policy, you can complete courses with LanguageBird and request a copy of your LanguageBird transcript be sent directly to colleges/universities showing the coursework completed and credit earned.
LanguageBird will send your transcript or certificate of completion displaying the final course grade to your middle school, high school, and/or to colleges/universities. Using Parchment, LanguageBird sends transcripts via US mail and electronically. Please click here to begin ordering your transcript!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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