LanguageBird believes in communication between people not robots or software.

We provide students with the most personalized, one-to-one, learning experience.

All of our lessons are taught by connecting students to fascinating people from around the world. Students have flexibility in their schedule and can earn high school credits from anywhere in the world. We offer very beginner to the most advanced levels of language study. Students connect globally and engage in cultural studies with a native speaker increasing their digital citizenship skills and offering them the opportunity to practice speaking comfortably, fluidly and confidently.

Why LanguageBird®?

LanguageBird® provides learners with connection and access anytime, anywhere to passionate, experienced teachers who love to teach their language and culture. An individual approach, flexibility in scheduling, world-class instructors, and an exceptional curriculum are a part of what every student experiences with LanguageBird®.

Why LanguageBird® for Middle and High School Students?

LanguageBird® is the premier online world language program for middle and high school students. We are the first accredited online provider specializing in a one-to-one, 100% live experience in a growing number of different world languages. LanguageBird® is the world language expert providing an unparalleled experience for teens online. There is no better classroom ratio than 1 to 1. Our online setting allows the flexibility needed for today’s students, as well as the learning experience to mirror the future of their education and careers.

We strive to be…

LanguageBird® is a globally connected and culturally aware group of learners interacting in a safe, productive, and encouraging online environment. Working together to communicate, grow, and learn with people all over the globe can be experienced through our lessons. We build relationships and cultural awareness, not just skills.

100% live instruction

All LanguageBird instruction is 100% LIVE. We are about connecting people. NOT software.

online language courses for high school credit

Self-Paced & Personalized

Our 1-to-1 private lessons give students the ability to slow down or accelerate as needed.

online language courses for high school credit


Students have flexibility in scheduling lesson days and times.

online language courses for high school credit

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of completion or transcripts are provided upon request and sent to high schools or colleges.

online language courses for high school credit

Cultural Discovery & Connection

Connect globally and engage in cultural studies with our native speaking teachers.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • There is no better student/teacher ratio than 1 to 1.
  • We offer more languages and more advanced levels of study than any other online program.
  • Gain confidence and fluidity in speaking the target language.
  • Impress colleges by taking years of world language in less time
  • Accredited: WASC, AdvancED
  • NCAA approved.