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We offer a turnkey solution for language immersion designed specifically for you and your needs. All of our courses feature 100% live one-to-one instruction in an online setting that allows for maximum flexibility. Students learn from experienced and trained instructors who are native speakers in the language of choice.

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Serving Schools and Educational Organizations

LanguageBird, accredited by WASC and Cognia, partners with schools and educational organizations to provide high quality, personalized language learning experiences for each student. With LanguageBird, you can reduce faculty costs or reassign instructors based on changing student demands.

When partnering with LanguageBird, your students learn with native-speaking instructors to gain real-world language and cultural fluency. We have experience and expertise in teaching real-world language and cultural fluency to people of different educational backgrounds and skill levels.

Our NCAA and UC a-g approved courses are tailored to the needs to each student and school. Whether you want to offer all of your students’ courses for credit in any of our languages, need instructors for a few advanced students, or would like to offer group conversational or cultural courses, we can provide solutions that are tailored to your students and school.

Hear From One of Our Partners

“LanguageBird is an invaluable partner for our online private school. We have students from all over the world and to meet their world language needs, we need a partner who understands our student’s needs and provides an unparalleled one-to-one education.”

– Meghan Marinos, Head of School at ICL Academy

Why Work With LanguageBird?

Our online setting allows the flexibility students need today, as well as the learning experience to mirror the future of their education and career. As the premiere online world language program, LanguageBird provides an unparalleled experience for all language learners online.


Cost Efficient

Reduce faculty costs or reassign instructors based on changing student demands.

Accredited world language courses

Expand accredited world language offerings to provide students with more course offerings and augment your course catalogue to attract new students.

Real-world conversations

Provide students authentic conversational experience with native speaking instructors so they are ready to interact confidently with other native speakers.

Enhance language and cultural fluency

In today’s globalized world, communicative and cultural awareness and fluency are key to success. Students master both so they can effectively participate in the target language and culture.

Prepare for international travel

Prepare students for international travel, service trips, or study abroad.

Short-term teaching solutions

Mitigate the effects of short-term instructor loss due to illness, short-term absences, or other factors that might temporarily affect staff size.

Our Academic Philosophy

Become acquainted with how we learn at LanguageBird to prepare you for your cultural and linguistic journey.

LanguageBird in Numbers


of parents agreed or strongly agreed their students looked forward to their lessons.


of students agreed or strongly agreed they would recommend LanguageBird.


of parents agreed or strongly agreed LanguageBird was a great value for the investment.

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Learn more about LanguageBird's mission and the impact we've had on students and schools.

Join Our Community

The LanguageBird community is full of learners who are passionate about language and culture. Our students come from a variety of different backgrounds and skill levels from middle school students taking their first language course, to lifelong learners expanding their already vast language repertoire. Read their stories and learn how being a part of our community has helped them on their journey.

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