Welcome to LanguageBird!

Before we take flight to your language learning destination, you will become acquainted with how we learn at LanguageBird to prepare you for your cultural and linguistic journey. We will review the following:

  1. LanguageBird’s tailored one-to-one instruction
  2. LanguageBird’s textbook independent curriculum
  3. ACTFL Standards
  4. Progress and assessment
  5. Project-based learning

1. LanguageBird’s Tailored
One-to-One Instruction:

What does “tailored one-to-one” mean? LanguageBird’s instructors will design lessons to accommodate your student’s interests, learning style, and teach at a pace that is comfortable yet challenges the student. We firmly believe there is no better or faster way to learn than private lessons with an expert instructor.

We encourage parents and students to communicate specific learning goals, learning style preferences, and topic preferences with the instructor. The best time to map out what you expect from your learning experience is during the first lesson. Also, during your first lesson, your instructor will conduct an assessment to help you determine your level.

What will you need to pack for your journey? Be sure to bring along an open mind and a positive attitude. No textbook required.

2. LanguageBird’s Textbook Independent Curriculum

To promote a more authentic or real-world use of language, students are taught with a focus on learning and using language in context.  For example, grammatical topics introduced to students are taught and used in authentic or real-world situations. This approach ensures that students are doing more than memorizing grammar points; it ensures that students are presented with a variety of opportunities to engage in communicative tasks and gain confidence in the grammar and culture of the language they are studying.

Furthermore, by using a textbook independent curriculum teachers can take into consideration that a student may be stronger in one skill, such as speaking, but weaker in other skills, such as reading and writing, and adjust instruction accordingly.  It also allows students to progress through materials at a rate that best fits their needs and allows the instructor to adjust materials to each students’ learning style.

In place of textbooks, students are taught using customized materials created by the instructor, open-source materials found on the internet and digital tools.

3. ACTFL Standards

LanguageBird’s Curriculum is aligned to ACTFL Standards or what ACTFL refers to as “World Readiness Standards”. There are five “C” goal areas: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities which stress the application of learning a language beyond the instructional setting.

LanguageBird Lessons place emphasis on the Communication goal. There are 3 modes of Communication: Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational.  Student’s progress and performance along the 3 modes of communication are assessed using Can-Do Statements developed by ACTFL and the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages.

At each level, the syllabus identifies Can-Do Statements to guide student learning and help set goals for what students should achieve by the end of a level.  These statements describe real world applications of language showing what learners can/should be able to do at each level.

For example, LanguageBird’s Level 1 equates to ACTFL’s Novice low/mid Proficiency Level.

A Presentational “Can Do” statement for Level 1 includes, “Students at this level can introduce themselves using memorized words with the help of visuals or gestures.”

To learn more about World Readiness Standards and the 5 C’s, Click Here.
NCSSFL-ACTFL Can Do Benchmarks: Learn More

4. Progress and Assessment

How will you know if you are making progress along your journey?

Specific questions related to the student’s in class performance and progress can be answered by the instructor. LanguageBird instructors are available by email or by chat within MicrosoftTM Teams.

Additionally, for each lesson, instructors prepare personalized lesson notes.

The lesson notes inform parents and students of:

  1. the lesson’s topics objectives
  2. what was covered in the lesson
  3. what needs improvement /what the student did well
  4. homework assignment due for the next lesson
  5. participation and homework grade on a rubric

Lesson Notes & Homework Assignments

Lesson Notes and homework assignments can be found in the student’s MicrosoftTM Teams account and is accessible to the teacher, parents and LanguageBird administration.

Lessons are also recorded for student review and accessible in MicrosoftTM Teams.

5. Project-Based Learning

LanguageBird assess students through Project-Based Learning.  Students and their instructor will collaborate to design a project where students will demonstrate what they have learned during their course. We do not teach to a test nor do we administer timed tests.

Students prepare a midterm project and present it at the 12th lesson.  This will determine the midterm grade.

For students who are enrolled in a semester course, the 12th lesson is the final lesson, and the project will be counted as a final project.

Students who are enrolled in a full year course or students who initially enroll in a semester course but later extend for another semester to complete a full year course will also create a project at the 24th lesson. This project will be counted as the final project.

Students are encouraged to pursue a project that focuses not only on their new language abilities, but also their individual interests.

Whether they want to host a late-night talk show or sing a song in a new language, we motivate our students to challenge themselves and get creative. View some LanguageBird student projects!

6. Final Grade and Transcript!

The final grade is a summary of:

  1. Homework
  2. Participation
  3. Midterm project grade
  4. Final project grade

Parents will be sent a copy of the student’s grades within 5 days of completing their course. Grade reports will also be uploaded to the student’s MicrosoftTM Teams. This is a written summary evaluation of the student’s course.

To order an official transcript to send via US Mail or electronically through Parchment, please click the link located on the Grade Summary Form in MicrosoftTM Teams. Or, follow this link.

How LanguageBird Supports Students With Diverse Learning Needs

Each student comes to LanguageBird with different and unique needs and at different stages in their language-learning process. LanguageBird can support students with diverse learning needs because each student is in a classroom of one. LanguageBird instructors teach in a one-to-one, online format using textbook independent and project-based curriculum. This allows for instruction to be differentiated to the needs of each individual student, for students and teachers to build strong relationships, and for students to build academic confidence while studying language and culture.

If your student has diverse learning needs and you would like to know more, please contact Admissions and Outreach to learn how LanguageBird could work for your student.

Preparing for Your Next Steps

Students who plan to transition back into a school/classroom setting should provide their LanguageBird instructor with a school syllabus for the level below as well as the beginning of the level they wish to transition into at a traditional school. Our instructors can try their best to make sure topics listed in your school syllabus are covered however, there is no national curriculum and LanguageBird uses our own curriculum which is aligned to ACTFL standards to teach.

Like switching schools, there is no way to guarantee a perfectly seamless transition. In past experiences, students have been able to make a transition, but often prefer the one-to-one format of LanguageBird courses rather than a traditional classroom setting.

LanguageBird also assists students in preparation for AP exams, SAT Subject Exams, fluency exams or state seal of biliteracy exams. Students who have a goal to take one of these exams at the conclusion of their LanguageBird studies are advised to enroll in test prep/tutoring sessions to supplement a course for credit. The course covers material for that level of study, but it is recommended that students have additional lessons specifically to learn how to take the test and practice for that specific test material.

Students who wish to continue moving forward to the next level of study often reenroll in our courses and may request to stay with the same teacher or try out another instructor.

LanguageBird can even customize curriculum to meet students at the highest levels so there is no limit to your learning.

Another option for keeping up conversational skills is to practice with our conversational lessons to maintain what you have learned and to continue to improve your skills.

Now that you know how we learn, are you ready to let your fluency take flight?

Enjoy the journey and happy learning to you!

For additional questions call 844-700-BIRD or email [email protected]

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