Accredited, personalized online German instruction live, one-to-one via video chat.

A relationship-based approach to online language instruction.

Language Immersion

Lessons immerse students in language learning, cultural exploration, and understanding of customs. It’s like going abroad without leaving your home. Positive relationships and meaningful connections drive and improve language study. Using a communicative approach, students get direct and consistent practice speaking the target language.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling is critical for busy students. We work with your schedule. A private instructor comes to you via video chat! Our courses run year-round, and students can start anytime. Lessons can be paused if needed, but expire 8 months after purchase for year-long courses and 4 months after purchase for semester-long courses. Cancel a lesson and reschedule with 24 hours’ notice.

Competency & Project-Based Learning Model

A Competency and project-based learning model allows students to direct their learning experience, apply the knowledge, and demonstrate their learning. Every student is different.

Private Instruction

Private coaching is the best and fastest way to learn. Student-centered teaching creates an environment where students focus on topics of their interest in German and get the most practice speaking the language.

Support Based On Individual Needs

Our students receive timely, differentiated instruction and support based on individual needs. Varied pacing, active learning, and curated resources allow students to demonstrate progress based on evidence of mastery, not seat time.

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High Schools accept LanguageBird course credits.

Yes! LanguageBird is a fully accredited institution.

LanguageBird meets the highest standards of excellence and offers students and their families the peace of mind that comes with a premier private school experience. We are accredited by both the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Cognia. Both international accreditations are accepted at high schools globally. LanguageBird transcripts are recognized by colleges and universities worldwide.

Additionally, LanguageBird courses are both NCAA approved for athletes as well as University of California approved for California students seeking admission to UC/CSU campuses. College-bound, NCAA, and transferring students receive credit for courses completed with LanguageBird. For information on how to send transcripts, please see our FAQ page.

How do I get high school credit?

If you have not met your high school graduation requirements for world language, we recommend you talk to your school counselor and let them know you would like to take a LanguageBird course. Most college-prep high schools require 2 years of world language. Some high schools will have you fill out a concurrent enrollment form or ask you to send a transcript once your LanguageBird course is complete. We are happy to work with your high school administrator and counselors!

For more on accreditation and credit, go to our FAQ page.

Program Offerings

Choose from courses for credit, tutoring and test prep, conversation lessons or a combination!

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High School

Accredited high school German courses with a private instructor at your pace and convenience.

Students build upon and increase listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the target language. Students develop their German proficiency through extensive, spontaneous interaction with a native speaker in the language.

Students develop cultural awareness and become prepared to encounter real-life situations outside of the classroom through discussions of cultural customs and behavior, watching videos, conducting internet research, and reading authentic materials written in the target languages.

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Middle School

Accredited middle school German courses with a private instructor at your pace and convenience.

The LanguageBird Middle School Core Program, is designed so students who complete two years of middle school language are prepared to enter high school with a strong foundation in their chosen language.

Tutoring, Test Prep, & Conversational Lessons

Experience world language lessons with a private instructor at your pace and convenience, with a focus on your classwork, exams, or real-world experiences.

Tutoring and Test Prep lessons are for students who would like additional support outside of the classroom. Whether tutoring for current coursework or preparing for an upcoming AP or Fluency exam, our native-speaking instructors are here to help!

Conversational Lessons are for students who are looking to expand their language skills. Heading to a new country and want to be prepared? Need language skills for a new job? With Conversational Lessons, you’ll learn to speak like a native with a native.


Our team of school admissions professionals are ready to help you discover why LanguageBird is the accredited online school of choice for world language online private education. Our office is open Monday – Friday, 9:30 am-5:30 pm Pacific Time. Call 844-700-2473 (BIRD) and ask to speak with an admissions coordinator or submit an inquiry form today and discover how convenient online school can be.

German Instructors

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Jasmin G.

German Instructor

Andrea L.

German Instructor

Stefanie E.

German Instructor

Sophia C.

German Instructor
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Susmitha N.

German Instructor
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Budimka U.

German Instructor
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Danique H.

German Instructor
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Ramona H.

German Instructor
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Zlatko S.

German Instructor
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Veronica M.

German Instructor
Verena Ulrich

Verena U.

German Instructor

Our approach to education is personal and dynamic.

Innovative learning activities, students directed projects, and unique assessments engage students in the learning process. Instructors take notes during each lesson to share with students and evaluate students over time based on personal progress. We don’t believe in timed exams. We do believe in giving students the opportunity to present what they have learned in a format and environment in which they are comfortable. Final projects are presented to the instructor during the final lesson of the course along with any required written components.

Why choose an online middle school or high school language program?

Enrolling your student in a LanguageBird course offers greater freedom and flexibility for their learning than what is typically found in a traditional brick-and-mortar high school and middle school environment. All of our faculty are experienced instructors in the field of education, not just native speakers. Our trained, experienced instructors love to work with high school and middle school students. Students meet with the same instructor building a relationship and skills. Students use our courses to make more room in their daily school schedule to get ahead, make-up a class, or study a language not offered at their school.


We provide students with the most personalized, one-to-one, learning experience.
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Online German Classes Give Students More Interaction with the Teacher

Most public high school classes have a ratio of 30 students for every single teacher. Now imagine how productive it is for 30 individual’s trying to learn German, master the pronunciations, and have conversation workshops where teachers can monitor every single student. If you are having trouble imagining this, there is a good reason: it’s impossible. However, when you enroll your child in online German classes, students get to participate in a virtual classroom, with real teachers, who give them the one-on-one attention they need. And this is customized to their learning style, which garners an easier and higher pass rate.

Invest in an Online German Tutor

Many parents invest in an online German tutor for their kids in high school. Some of these students are taking German language lessons from a traditional classroom, and parents invest in an online German tutor to give their child a much-needed catalyst and a leg up. Tutors help students complete their course at a faster rate, with greater efficiency, and with that one-on-one attention that pupils can’t get on a school campus.

In many cases, students will take online German classes in the summertime with the addition of a tutor provided by the same language provider. This enables pupils to earn credits through an expedited program so they can have the necessary requirements within a desired timeframe.

Online German Courses for Credit and a Higher-Quality Level of Education

When students have access to a higher level of learning through accredited online German classes, they build upon and increase speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills in the specific language. The best online German classes are run in a manner as just described, and that helps students earn the required credits. In addition, these online language programs offer higher levels of study with an ongoing emphasis on oral communicative skills through regular conversation with the instructor at an average of 80 to 90 percent of the entire program. When you combine this approach with a focus on verbal communication, students learn to develop cultural awareness. This prepares them to be submerged into real-life situations outside the classroom, such as traveling to Germany to look up ancestors, meeting people abroad on a school trip to Deutschland, or talking to locals on a family vacation to the Back Forest villages.

Native German speakers teaching these online courses will help students master proper communication styles according to regional etiquette. For example, a warmer level of German verbal communication is the custom in southern regions of the country (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg) and around the city of Munich. Then students will likely master a more-direct approach of communication without slang, as used by typical Germans from the Berlin area within Brandenburg, and other northern regions like Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein.

Taking online German classes from companies like LanguageBird, and utilizing a German tutor from the same company, will help students learn the language at a quickened pace, from a native speaker, while gaining the experience and confidence to have meaningful conversations with people from Germany, and German relatives. The best online German classes also offer in-class discussions while delving into cultural customs through videos and Internet research. In addition, students also read content in German as part of the curriculum.

When it comes to accreditation, make sure the online German classes will give your high school student the right accreditations needed to achieve his or her goals. For example, some students may just need credits that will transfer over to their current high school, while others need that as well as accreditation that will be respected by state universities. There are also students that need credits that will be honored by the NCAA. Go visit the high school counselor with your child, and have him or her review the company that’s offering the online German classes to ensure the program is accredited in all the right ways to accommodate your child’s dreams for the future.

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An Online German Instructor Lets Students Learn on their Time.

The life of middle and high school students is actually a full-time job. Between attending classes, studying, participating in sports, partaking in other extra curricular activities like playing an instrument or participating on the debate team, and doing volunteer work , there are also family obligations that play into life. This means a window of time to meet with an online German instructor can be minimal, and this is why middle and high school students need an online German instructor who will teach them, on their time, whether that is at 6AM, 10PM or on weekends. When you invest in a high-quality online German tutor, you get the freedom of learning at your convenience.

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